15 minutes better :: 9

It was a really good day for nice moments. After taking our new girls to the dentist, I took them out for chocolate milkshakes. At 10:00 AM. Because that is our after-dentist tradition.

We spent the rest of the morning making valentines for the grandparents. Sequins, glitter glue, stickers….it was chaos all over the dining room table.

This afternoon I spent a couple hours playing Phase Ten with a kid who had lost TV time because of some major defiance yesterday. The child began very unhappy at having to skip the movie, and tried to crank around about playing the game too. But within 10 minutes a thaw happened, praise the Lord, and we have a lovely time. I think we made a way better memory than Bug’s Life could ever have given the child.

Late in the afternoon hubby took the younger kids to deliver their valentines and left me to cook dinner in peace. I’d been planning a ‘nice’ dinner of salmon and baked potatoes and salad. But after everyone left, I was inspired to make the meal just a little more special. The big boys helped me set the table beautifully. I even dug out candlesticks and found a few ancient candles.

When the kids got home, they were thrilled to see all the trimmings, right down to dishes of candy at both ends of the table. When the candles were lit and the lights dimmed, it seemed like a different place. I got twice as many compliments about the meal than I ever have for that same meal. The candlelight made everything extra special.

Today was way more than 15 minutes better.


Hoping your Valentines Day was just as good!

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  1. Aw! Mary, I LOVE these posts. I bet they’ve been fun to write, too. Your family is so lucky to have such a sweet mother who’s always working on getting sweeter. 😉

  2. Oh and PS, I’ve been having the same problem with my comments emails getting stuck in my spam folder. I wonder what happened? I went in and set up some new filters and fixed the problem partially, but I’m still having to retrieve some “good emails” from the trash every day.

  3. It sounds wonderful. I know that when we dim the lights in the dining room, the kids just calm down a little and they think that it is wonderful.

  4. I’m so glad that your yesterday was filled with many, many minutes of good stuff. 🙂 I love reading your take on your days and I think it’s even helping me to reflect back on mine in a more positive note.

  5. What a great day. My kiddos love candles at dinner too. It makes everything special.

  6. That sounds great. We had a fun family dinner too! I really love Valentines Day.

  7. Mary, I’ve been reading your blogs since you brought home your second daughter from Ethiopia. Delurking to say you are an inspiration. I love to read your blog.
    My daughter is a little entrepreneur and I have been helping her declutter her room. This time together has been so sweet as we continually run across items from her past and we share those memories together. Decluttering can be a sweet shared time. Keep the 15 minute blessing posts going for as long as you like … they are a blessing!