The spaminator

I just went into my spam folder to retrieve a comment that someone told me had been eaten and was shocked to see that about half of the ‘spam’ was actually perfectly wonderful comments from you all! I have no idea what is going on with my spam filter at the moment, but I am very sorry that so many comments lately went into spam. Please know there is not some major censorship going on, just an overactive spam filter.

(Subtext of this message: PLEASE don’t stop commenting– I love hearing from you!!)

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  1. I tried to comment on the big families post and it never showed up. Maybe that is where it went. Hope you got it. I loved growing up in a big family.

  2. Ah, that explains it!

  3. I had one recently that would not show up. Most of mine do go through but occasionally I get a duplicate comment message and the comment never shows up.

  4. oh, bummer! i’m sorry that has happened. 🙁