Senseo: coffee a cup at a time

Recently I got the chance to review this Senseo single-serving coffee maker. It requires little coffee ‘pods’–where the coffee enclosed in a special little round filter. I have seen these at several grocery stores, so I think they are pretty readily available, but I doubt that this is the most affordable way to buy or make coffee. For starters I was quite amazed that their idea of one cup was 4 ounces. There is also a ‘2-cup’ option so that you can dispense a total of 8 ounces into either one large cup or two small cups simultaneously. The 4-oz cup takes one pod and the 8-oz cup takes two pods of coffee. Since I drink– ahem — at least 12 oz of strong coffee each morning, I would be going through a boatload of pods each day if that was my only coffee pot. I tried the ‘dark roast’ coffee. It is good, though not quite as strong as John and I like ours.

I liked the idea in concept but after trying out the pot a few times, I decided it just did not make enough at once to warrant the counter space on our counter (it is about as big as a regular pot, and in my mind would not be able to entirely replace our large-capacity coffee maker. However I haven’t put it away yet, and here’s why. First of all, this smaller amount of coffee is just right for in the afternoon when sometimes I want just a little coffee.

PLUS– and I don’t know if the manufacturer would recommend this– I discovered that this coffee pot will make a perfectly nice cup of tea in under a minute, if I just put a standard tea bag into the spot where the coffee pod is supposed to go. Water hot, tea brewed– everything in less than a minute. I have actually made myself a cup of tea almost every day for the past week, and love not having to wait for the water to heat or the tea to brew.

So, in summary, I think if you drink coffee in small to moderate quantities and/or would like a fast way to make tea, I would recommend this coffee maker. If you drink you coffee by the quart like I do, or if you are a tightwad like I am, you might want to stick with a regular coffee maker that makes more coffee all at once.

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  1. Thanks for the review… I have thought about getting the pot and setting it up in my master bathroom so that I could brew a cup to have with my morning devotions before I come downstairs… I would definately be a two pod per cup person though, but the tea idea is a great one!

    I’ll have to price it out next time I’m at Target…

  2. I got one a few months back when they were doing their “free review” and I feel pretty much the same way you do. I scoffed at a 4 ounce cup, but did find that I could use the same pod for an 8 ounce cup with no really noticeable difference. I use it for tea now as well, but I hate the fact that it takes up so counter space.

  3. Thanks for the review. My neighbor has one and loves it, but she is the only coffee drinker in the house, so it works for her.
    I have a great little Mrs. Tea tea maker, she is currently stuffed in the dark recesses under my cabinet. I’m just not a gadget person.

  4. The Senseo Cappuccino pods are to die for. I use the one big fat pod with the double insert, and press the 2 cup function. After putting my ENORMOUS cup underneath.

    A treat, to be sure. But you are right about the cost of the pods if you are a caffeine-aholic. Which I clearly am. 🙂

  5. Okay you’re always reviewing such neat stuff! How do you get all these great opportunities???

  6. I, too, am a cheapo with a Senseo. Here’s a little tip – you can buy a little adapter gadget for under $10 (I got mine at Walmart) that you fill with your own coffee and use in place of the pods. Works great without the cost of the pods. Plus, you can use your favorite coffee.

  7. mary,

    u are always reviewing products and recieving samples…how do you do this…and where can i sign up…i love to try stuff!