15 minutes better :: 6

–I started our school day reading stories to the little girls. The day always seems to go more smoothly when I give the littlest ones some time first.

–This afternoon I went for a walk with the kid whose attitude made the morning’s schooling most challenging. I felt like a glutton for punishment when inviting insisting that this particular kid come along. But that was the kid most in need of some positive interaction. It was good to spend the time in the sun together. Even though the kid spent most of the walk claiming exhaustion and asking when we could go back. The kid doesn’t give up easily. Takes after me. But I’ve had more practice. 🙂

–This evening my hubby brought me cookie dough ice cream and then sat next to me on the couch while we chatted. He gets the credit for that ‘better’ moment, but it was indeed very nice. And I think it was built partly on the warmth from the previous evening’s chat…positive vibes beget more positive vibes, right?


Now some feedback is needed from you. First of all, does anyone have ‘better’ moments to share? I’ve been enjoying the ones you’ve been sharing.

Second—I know it’s my blog and I can do what I want. But if I stick to this topic for a month I fear I’ll sound self-congratulatory or dull or both. Anyone object if I just round this little theme up in a week instead of a month???

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  1. Please do!! I am really enjoying this topic and it is very encouraging. I would love for you to continue it for as long as you will!! 🙂

  2. I’ve been lovign it, and noticing more often the little things I can do to make our own school day/lives go smoother! Please continue, if at all possible!

  3. It’s not self-congratulatory! You’re TEACHING others. It’s a “best practices” kind of thing.

  4. I tried to leave this comment last night but it floated off into cyberspace and was lost. I love this theme and think it is a great teaching tool for all of us.
    My better moment yesturday was sorting through my mother in laws jewelry that was passed to me after her death nearly three years ago. It has been sitting in a drawer all tangled and a mess. My daughters 4 and 7 had a wonderful time helping me and playing dress up with big people jewelry. While cleaning out the drawer we found my 5 year olds baby hospital bracelet. THat led to putting it in it’s proper place. I have a box for each of my children’s first outfit with me (two are adopted), size diaper they came home with, special toy, first tooth, first haircut curl ect. This was one of those wonderful moments going through those boxes. My dd with attachment disorder responded with delight to seeing her box (a new reaction) and didn’t seem at all upset that her diaper and outfit was much larger than her siblings. It was one of those moments to put to memory.

  5. I’ve found the use of music to be a wonderful bonding/”better” moment tool. My adopted daughters and I have our special little songs that we sing together throughout the day and they love it. It only takes a minute to stop and sing a song with them and it makes a great connection between us. One of our favorites is a take off of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star that goes like this.

    Twinkle, twinkle little star
    What a wonderful girl you are.
    Beautiful smile and nice round cheeks,
    Wonderful girl from her head to her feet,
    Twinkle, twinkle little star,
    What a wonderful girl you are.

  6. I learn something every time I read these …. 🙂

  7. Well…no, I don’t object, and yes I see how you would feel that way. But it’s not self-congratulatory or dull. It’s good to celebrate the difference you’re making, it’s good to share the ideas, even if they’re fairly simple ones, and reading them regularly makes them “stick” more for me, which makes it more likely that I will do it myself.

    But, like you said, it’s your blog. If you’re not enjoying writing about it, stop earlier. I’m glad you’ve written about it so far though. 🙂

  8. I’m currently on FMLA for depression and anxiety, and while the doctors don’t seem to want to do anything to help, you help me. I like this feature – it’s so hard for me to find anything positive around me, and it gives me hope that you can. Keep it up for as long as you want, and then throw one in every once in awhile to remind people that there’s always something to be thankful for.

  9. I actually really like this theme. I started my own “15 minutes better” (giving credit to you) on my blog because I was so inspired.

    It’s your blog! Write about this as long as you’d like and then move to another topic. I know whatever you write, I will definately read and enjoy!

  10. I love this theme too. It’s given me some great ideas and just the encouragement to think of my own “15 minutes” has been helpful. I don’t think you’d ever sound “self-congratulatory or dull or both”. However long you decide to continue these insights they are appreciated and God is using you! Thanks!

  11. Oh and I have one to share. I sent my Hubby flowers today. I always complain (mostly to myself or the Lord) about why he never sends me flowers. Well he loves flowers too and why haven’t I ever sent him flowers? So me and the girls did today. I wish I were a fly on the wall when they are delivered 🙂

  12. I love this series you are doing…

    It is so sweet and so helpful..

    I love to see the blessing in everyday…

    I understand if you want to wrap it up. It has/is a blessing whatever you decide…


  13. I have been SO busy lately I haven’t been by, so I had to go back to catch up on all your wonderful 15 minutes, reading them in a row makes for a good hour of blessings. It’s encouraged me (since I just shuttled all my kiddos off to their bedrooms to have quiet time) to make some hot chocolate and call them all downstairs. Then (big sigh) play old maid.

  14. I love your blog and what you write is neither self-congratulatory NOR dull! Of course if you’re not enjoying writing it then feel free to stop, but I’ve found it enjoyable and encouraging to read.

  15. I love it too and find it encouraging, not self congratulating or anything like that. We all are looking for the reminders of what is beautiful about our ordinary days. You are helping to remind us of what to look for!

    I’ve been switching up homeschool order a LOT lately, due to frustration- my latest routine seems to work, but it seems like there are so many switches like these with the young ones. They are always changing!

  16. I’ve really enjoyed reading these – they are an encouragement to me. I don’t think they are self-congratulatory at all. You do what you feel is best.

  17. Mary–This is truly changing the way I am thinking my way through the day. I believe you are helping our families. Like you have said about pushing away the urge to multi-task and I have done that at least once successfully thinking of you and your children. You have helped me to want to have a more open ear to my little ones and I think you are blessing us really. I do so admire what you do on your blog and the way you share your family is so touching.
    Thank You–KImberly

  18. i love it! i cary it with me but keep forgetting to write about it. love it.

  19. I know it’s your blog and you really CAN do whatever you want, but I love reading about your better moments. =) They are very ispiring.

  20. I have been sick and have only now gotten a chance to catch up on your blog. I LOVE the 15 minutes better idea. I don’t know about you, but writing it down where I know other people will see it would really help me keep conciously doing it. I think as soon as I’m finished with this cold that is knocking me on my butt I am going to start doing my own 15 minutes better, really focusing on the kids and my DH.

    Bottom line, I see your writing as inspiring, not self-congratulatury. Keep it up as long as you enjoy it!