How about Valentine’s Day ideas?

I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas for kids’ Valentine’s parties…craft ideas, games, goodies…etc. Especially nice would be ideas that are both fun and affordable. I’d love to hear what you’ve got planned!

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  1. Yesterday, for my daughter’s Sunday School class, we baked cupcakes and then packed frosting and assorted Valentines sprinkles in a basket for her to take to class- the kids decorated them for their parents and at the end, we placed a skewer with each child’s homemade card in the center of the cupcake. Kind of hard to describe – wish I would have taken photos now…lol.

  2. Some of my friends and I are getting together with our little ones to decorate Valentine’s Day cookies. We can either bring already baked cookies to decorate, or bring dough to make into giant heart-shaped cookies for our families!

  3. My son and I are in the process of making valentines for his class. He’s good with scissors, so I’m folding papers in half and drawing half-hearts so he can cut them all out. After he’s finished with that, we’ll decorate them with glue and glitter and crayons/markers. I like the idea of homemade valentines instead of store-bought ones, both for the activity and to save a little money by using things we already have. We don’t do a party or anything like that.

  4. Hi Mary… I’m in college now (almost 22), but I was home-schooled through seventh grade and still remember the fun games my mom would have us play when we had Valentine’s parties.

    There was one I remember where she got red cardboard and cut hearts out, and then cut them in half. Both sides of the heart “matched” in some way – I don’t remember exactly what – they might have been quotes or Bible verses about love or something. Anyway, you give out all the sides and then have the kids find their match.

    Now that I think about it, that’s the only one I remember. I have a lot of other memories, but they’re very vague – I guess it’s just good I remember the fun-ness of it all. 🙂

  5. Hi Mary,
    This year Maddie is in kindergarten and I was so excited to be able to make homemade Valentines for her to take to school. They were super cheap to make. I found satin ribbon at the dollar store, construction paper, a hole puncher, some glue sticks, and markers or crayons. You can see some examples of them on my blog. I’ve never had a Valentine party, oh boy you’ve got me thinking of next year. This is my favorite holiday;)

  6. I don’t enjoy going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day since restaurants are extra busy. That isn’t enjoyable to me much less romantic. So we are going to stay home with the three kiddos for a special dinner and dessert. I haven’t decided what the main course is going to be but I have dessert all figured out — chocolate fondue! The kids have no idea what it is. They (and I) will enjoy dipping fruits, pretzels, cakes in the chocolatey yumminess!

  7. I am trying to find inexpensive ideas for my daughter’s fourth grade class and I thought this one was cute, creative adn fun. Cut out big heart shaped cards and let the kids search old magazines to write a message with pictures or letters from the magazines. For example, instead of the word “I” you could put a picture of an eye. I found the idea on The possibilitities are endless and I am sure some kids will be very creative.

  8. Well, it’s not really a “party idea” per say – but I guess when you have ten kids – it’s always a party of sorts, eh!?!

    Here’s an idea I love that I read:

    “My mom made us feel especially love on Valentine’s Day when we woke to a hot bowl of oatmeal tinted pink with food coloring and sprinkled with those little red Cinnamon Hearts, Yum!”

    Kinda made me want to start my own tradition of that! Only thing is…now I just need the kids to feed it to! Ha!

  9. I always blow up balloons and have them everywhere when the kids wake up simple balloons and they love it.
    Also fun game is we see how high they can stack the candy hearts in a certain time. Also always have to have our candlelight family dinner.

  10. Hi Mary,

    Here’s a post I recently wrote about Valentine’s Party ideas. They could be used either in a classroom/homeschool setting or during a Valentine’s Party or just for fun! I hope you all enjoy!

    God Bless!

  11. Hi Mary,

    Here’s a post I recently wrote about Valentine’s Party ideas. They could be used either in a classroom/homeschool setting or during a Valentine’s Party or just for fun! I hope you enjoy!

    God Bless!

  12. simplejill says:

    For little ones:
    Hunting for Hearts…..cut up a bunch and strew them about a room, have the little ones find the love.

  13. For parties or family, we’ve played “Honey, if you love me, then you’ll smile.” One person says that line to another, and the second has to respond with “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile.” (The wording can vary, depending on the ages of the kids.) If you can’t say it without laughing, then you’re ‘it’, and must try it with another person. It’s very hard to keep from collapsing with laughter.

    At home, we have a Valentine dinner, with special tablecloth and dishes, heart shaped and red foods, and special dessert, with small valentine gifts for all the kiddos.

  14. We always have special Valentines day breakfasts. I don’t know what started it but one year I got up really early and made all my valentines pancakes. I set the table with a tablecloth and fine dishes and wine glasses and flowers. I lit candles and set a special treat on each of their plates.

    Its become a tradition for us and the kids really look forward to it. Even on days that I have to work, I get up extra early and have everything ready when they come down for breakfast…

  15. So I’m a high school teacher, and this is something I do with my students–they write interview questions and then get to do a “ten minute interview” with the partner of their choice (with enough sibs, this works well too). Then they use the “raw material” from the interview to write a poem in honor of their partner. It’s super fun b/c they illustrate the poems and type them and print them on cool paper–it ends up feeling like a gift, a real gift for the recipient.

    I offer a “back up structure” for kids who feel nervous about writing a poem without it, but most kids like to strike out on their own.

  16. Hmm. I know I left a comment here, but it never appeared. Odd!

  17. One year when I was teaching a class of 2-year olds, I asked that each child bring a pack of stickers to share (Valentine ones or otherwise) I cut the sheets of stickers apart for each child and each child delivered one sticker to each of the valentiene bags. Then each child got a large paper heart to decorate with all the stickers they’d received in their bag. It was a fun, age-appropriate Valentines Sticker Party!

  18. Lol, I remember that game “Honey I love you but I just can’t smile” that was a great flashback! ha ha! Great comment!

    We did some Jesus Loves Me Valentines, we designed a craft with a red doily. On the red side we glued a red heart that said,

    “Red is for the blood that Jesus shed for you and me”

    Then on the back of the red doily (which is white by default 🙂 we glued a white heart that reads,

    “When we invite Jesus into our hearts he washes away our sins, and makes us white as snow.”

    They turned out really cute! I’ve got the templates up on my website too, if anyone wants to print them up

    My son, who is younger (2) took some glue sticks and glued red and white heart shaped doilies to a pink sheet of paper.

    We also turned shoe boxes (which we picked up at walmart, just by asking them if they had extras) into Mailboxes. We’ve been working on handwriting and reading skills all week as we pass notes back and forth! The kids don’t even know their learning!