15 minutes better :: 4

What is this?

1. Listened to the recounting of two different dreams from last night being told pretty much concurrently by 2 different children. Resisted urge to multi-task.

2. Stood out in the hubby’s shop chatting with him and admiring his recent organizing projects, because, really, dinner can wait.

3. Swooped up my 10 year old at bedtime and spun her around in circles.

How about you?

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  1. I think it’s a great idea what you doing. It only takes a few minutes here and there to stop what we are doing and really listen to our kids or cuddle with them or do whatever else they want instead of always rushing around. We are all very busy, but not too busy to do little things that will make our kids happy. I am going to start working on doing little things with my kids, too. Thanks for the great idea.

  2. On our walk, instead of just walking and nodding and “um-hmm-ing”, I got down with Abigail and (ughk) touched the moss, rocks, sticks and leaves that she enjoys discovering.

    And then I came home and promptly washed my hands.

  3. texasknights says:

    I am in on this one! I can’t wait to do this consistently. I have tried things of this sort but never jotted it down for accountability purposes…and to encourage others. I teach part time this year and find myself griping that I don’t have time for anything extra. I think I might be surprised if I actually take a few minute here and there.

  4. Sat with my Libbyline and took in her slow but steady progress as her grandma taught her to knit this evening.

    Held and hugged Sweetcheeks an extra long time instead of rushing her off to bed after night time prayers.

    How encouraging this is, Mary. Thanks!

  5. wow. Everything about this blog is great.