15 minutes better :: 2

(What’s this?)

Today was an especially busy day in which to fit fun…. we hurried through school this morning then ran errands all afternoon. But here’s what was most memorable.

1. This afternoon I found myself walking into the grocery store with only my 5 year old… it felt so simple and light. Until she begged me to pick the most gargantuan cart in the place– you know, the kind designed to restrain strap in three preschoolers. I didn’t want to rassle that cart around the store and almost refused her. Then I remembered how rarely she rides in the cart these days. She was so delighted and we had a nice little shopping trip together.

2. Bedtime story time (run by my hubby) usually allows me to sneak a few minutes to read, and just BE with no one needing anything. This evening near the end of stories the 5 year old left the story huddle and came to sit next to me. Besides wishing to preserve ‘my’ time, I thought she might not listen to the story so far away from dad. I almost sent her back to sit next to dad. Instead I smiled and put my arm around her. She nestled in and kissed me on the forehead, and sat still and peaceful for the rest of the story.

3. Bed. Early tonight. (HUGE yawn) Because a little more sleep will make it easier to find the ‘better’ moments tomorrow.

Your turn. What special minutes did you fit into your day?

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  1. So true.

  2. Such good reminders. I remembered your words as we were doing bed time last night. Often times our 12 year old is on her own after her younger siblings go to bed. Usually I am on the computer while she takes that 30 minutes or so to read or craft by herself.

    Knowing how much she longs for physical touch and just being close to me, I took the time to actually blow dry her very thick, long hair — much like your Eldest’s used to be. She read a book, chatted about her day, and enjoyed the closeness with Mama that she doesn’t get often enough.

    So thanks again, Mary. I want to make this a regular occurrence in my home.

  3. Yes, after reading what you wrote yesterday, I instigated a game of uno with my son…since he had already asked me twice and I turned him down. (At that point I was doing some housework.) He was THRILLED that I asked him and it was fun for me to see how much better he’s gotten – even a bit of strategy to play the skipping cards before the numbered ones!

    Thanks for sharing this,

  4. Your post yesterday inspired me and fit right in with the direction my life has been going for some time now.

    I talked to my mom on the phone for at least 15 minutes and then I took a nap without feeling any quilt.


  5. Found my boy sitting on the couch with a book in his hands. I nestled up next to him and we took turns reading. It was past time for beginning school but we stayed there on the couch for nearly an hour. He was reading at his own will, amazing.

    Played a few games of Memory with my daughter.

    We each took a couple pieces of chocolate and enjoyed.

    The boy invited grandma and grandpa over for dinner and made them his “World Famous Soup.” The joy in his eyes knowing he had prepared it and served it to loved ones; priceless.

  6. Mary,

    Oh, your comments are so encouraging to me! I too, am a homeschool mom (though I only have 2 school age and one very active 4 year old!) I struggle daily with the two older ones making sure that all their school work is done, answering questions, playing referee, trying to balance housework and entertaining the 4 year old. Not easy most times! It seems like the 4 year old is on the side, feeling neglected. Last night, our younger one wanted to sit on my lap at bed time to go to sleep. Normally, I will just sit beside him while he goes to sleep. But tonight, I gladly gave in! What a blessing that was to me. I was so glad for that 15 min- that made my day finish off great! Thanks for your inspiring words of encouragement! Melissa (solas4me’s wife 🙂

  7. A friend told me about your blog. She said that your 15 minute idea has made their household happier. Isn’t it awesome to know that you’ve touched lives you’ve never even met! I can’t wait to check back in here 🙂

  8. multi-taskingmom says:

    Love this idea Mary,

    It was a busy hectic morning trying to get school going and breakfast cleaned up. My 7 year old came to me and asked to be rocked…my first thought was I’m busy right now – shame on me – but I dropped everything and rocked her for 5 mins. She was extra tired – and I’m sure her day was much happier for it.