The doll and the blankets

I got the doll in the mail today. She is just precious. The eyelashes. The soft chubby body. The sweet clothes. Whoever wins this doll is sure to love her. My daughters and I petted her in her box, and then I had to put her away quick lest we fall in love. (All four of my younger daughters got lovely new dolls of their own for Christmas, thus my feeling that we did not need another doll right now. But this doll is a sweetheart.)

On another note, don’t forget about my blanket party on Friday! If you haven’t already mentioned it on your blog, would you consider doing so? I am hoping we can wrap up a whole bunch of babies!

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  1. i’m SO excited about this blanket idea, Mary!!

  2. The doll is creepy. It looks real!!!!! How do you do it with 10 kids?? I have one and I feel daily that I need more time to give him (even though I give him all my time) I always feel as if I could give even more… BUT TEN? I am in complete awe of you!!!

  3. I’m heading over to check out paypal so I can contribute funds for blankets! 🙂

    And the doll sounds so sweet!

  4. I am so glad I found your blog. We just decided to pursue an adoption from Ethopia and I glad to find other bloggers out there.