Opinion Saturday: Big Families

I am really excited to be nearing completion on my book about mothering a large family, and I am in need of some voices to help round out the final chapter. If you grew up in a large family (> 3 kids) or if you have more than three children, I hope you’ll consider answering the following questions:

What do you think is one of the tough things about living in or raising a large family?

What do you think are some of the greatest benefits of being in a large family?

You have until Wednesday to answer. You can answer either or both questions. Be sure to say whether you are writing from the parent’s perspective or the child’s perspective– I am hoping to get feedback from both. I will email to ask permission before I use anyone’s words in my book. I will also be picking one comment as my Golden Keyboard winner this week. So come on, big-family people! Hit me with your best thought!


  1. jenuinejen says:

    My post is too late for your deadline but I thought I would comment anyway. I am the oldest of 4 and there is a 12 1/2 year age difference between my youngest brother and me. Growing up the house was so loud and there was very little time for me to spend alone quietly. To overcome this, starting when I was a teenage, I would get up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier than everyone else in the house. I had time to review my homework, watch the news, and sit quietly. Now that I am a mom, I enjoy getting up early to have a little quiet time before my children get up in the morning.