On every 16 year old guy’s wish list

Today my five year old came into the kitchen. She was carrying a slightly crumpled sequin-studded pink cardboard crown and wearing a frown.

“Who threw my crown away? I found it in the garbage!”

“I don’t know, “ I said, hoping it hadn’t been me.

“I think it was (16 year old brother), “she said knowingly. “ I think he was jealous because HE doesn’t have one!”


  1. Right up there with ruby slippers. LOL

  2. Awwww! How cute! Dang big brothers. 🙂

  3. Thank you for making me laugh today!

    This is such a cute story. You’ll have to remind her of this when she is older.

  4. Maybe you should have her make one for her brother. Hee-hee! ;^)

  5. So funny! Little ones are so hilarious sometimes!

  6. ROLF!!!!!! She’s probably right. (just kidding).

  7. I bet she is right ;).

  8. Maybe she should make one for her big brother 🙂

  9. Sure, that’s why…Ha ha!