“God is really big, isn’t he?” said a little girl to her mother.

“Yes,” said her mother.

“He’s so big he can hold me like this,” said the little girl, pinching thumb and forefinger together like she’d trapped a moth.

“No,” said the mother with a smile. “He holds you like this.”

And she cupped her hands gently together as if she’d just been entrusted with a diamond.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks.

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  3. Beautiful post today Mary— thank you.

    Just FYI— I am doing that writing a book Q&A this week over at my place.
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  4. Gave me chill bumps! So lovely.

  5. Very sweet and so true. We all need to remember that we are precious jewels and act accordingly.

  6. God Bless You and Your family

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