moving on

I’ve decided to stop blogging over at my Ethiopia blog. It was a tough decision– in some ways I’m really going to miss it. But I’ve said what I want to say there and I am needing the time for other writing. As far as I know, they are planning to leave my archives up, so those of you who’ve visited there should still be able to get adoption-related information there. Thanks to those of you who’ve visited there! (And in case you’re wondering, I’m not planning on quitting here anytime soon!)


  1. You did a great job on the Ethiopia blog.

    You took it from the point of where Ethiopia was just being “discovered” as an adoption possibility. Until it’s flooded with agencies who can’t get kids (babies) fast enough.

    I’ve always been concerned about the adoption situation in Ethiopia. Used to be I worried about the many kids who would never find home—now my worry about corruption and kids being adopted who shouldn’t be!

  2. Whew! I saw the title of this post and began to panic until I read the rest of it! Don’t know what I’d do without my daily dose of Mary! 🙂

  3. I, too, wanted to be sure that we wouldn’t be losing you entirely. Congrats on knowing when enough is enough and moving on.

  4. I’m glad they’re leaving your archive up over there. I have really found the things you posted to be an invaluable resource to me on this adoption journey.

    And I’m relieved that you’ll still be here. 😉

  5. You have done such amazing things over at – it’s sad to see you go but your decision is SO understandable. Plus, we still get to keep you on this blog!


  6. I’m so glad your not leaving this blog! When I saw your title, I thought “Oh no! Every time I find a blog that I really like, they quit blogging!” I haven’t read the other one, so I guess I’m selfinsh in being happy that you will still be here. :o)

  7. Oh, I’m going to be SO sad to see you go, but I understand the need to move on…and I applaud your desire to use your time wisely! Must say that I’m glad I will still get to read you here.

    Off to copy those recipes on the Adoption blog; really don’t want to loose those!

  8. I enjoyed your writings there, and it was wonderful to follow along with your recent adoption, but I totally understand the need for time.

    So glad you will still be posting here!

  9. You and Erin both! I’m glad you’re both going to continue with your personal blogs. Thank you, those of us who’ve grown to love you and your kiddos are glad we can continue to follow your growth as a family!

  10. I’m suspecting that you are possibly considering writing a book??? I’d love to be a resource for you if so. I lead a conference every summer with Proverbs 31 Ministries called “She Speaks” speakers and writers conference. If you are interested, I am thinking about publicizing this conference in a couple of weeks and hosting a Q&A session on my blog for potential speakers and writers.

    Let me know if you are interested—

    Sweet Blessings,

  11. mary – i am going to miss your ethopian adoption blog. i loved reading your candid views on adoption in general and your amazing journey that your shared. that said congratulations on a great run. i’m remain the prez of your fan club and look forward to your new edeavors. i love owlhaven too!!

  12. You do realize this means I can never adopt from Ethiopia again. lol. Your site was Godsent during our recent adoption adventure. We referred to your suggestions, ideas and thoughts all the time.

    Thanks for doing such a great job. I am glad there will be archives to go back to for our next trip.