That new room

I’ve been pokey at sharing pictures of the boys’ room, because first of all the trim work is not 100% done, and second, each time I go up there it looks like, well, a kids room—not super-neat. SO finally I just decided I’d share these pictures that I took the day they moved in, and if I actually get that ‘perfect’ DONE AND CLEAN picture later, I’ll share that too.

It is teeny, but in a fun cozy way. The boys love it. I can’t believe how much storage space there is under the beds! The first picture is taken from above. The door is to the left, next to the plaid bed, and on the far wall you can see the adorable window my husband installed. The room also gets light from a skylight and a window in the family room, both of which are high enough to peek over the 3/4 wall of the new room. I really like the airy feel that the 3/4 wall gives the bedroom. The wall is 7 feet, but the ceiling in the room goes up to 12 feet at the peak.

This second picture shows the view of the room from the window-bed. You can see the way the wall doesn’t go quite all the way to the ceiling. You can also see the cute little halogen touch lights that the boys have over their beds for reading. You may also be able to see the really cool paneling we put around the room. It gives the room a fun, rustic feel, and I was excited at how nice the pictures looked against the ‘plank’ look of the walls. It’ll be even better with all the trim done. I’ll try to remember to show you a final picture later.

Oh, and yes, the big shebang for which I need the fancy dress IS a New Years thing. I will share details and pictures after I get back tomorrow. I found some cute shoes, and this afternoon a dear friend brought me her whole jewelry box from which to choose. Too fun!!!!

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  1. Neat!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you figured out an excellent solution for your space crunch. [:-)
    Have a wonderful Date Night tonight!
    Love, Rachel

  2. I love love love when people make usable spaces out of tiny areas. The idea of a 3/4 wall is pure genius! Growing up as the youngest of 7, I was always trying to find nooks and crannies to make my own bedroom. My favorite was when I emptied out the closet under our staircase, squeezed in my twin mattress on the floor and decorated with NKOTB posters. Great job!

  3. Can you please send your husband over here for a holiday?????? Wow! What a star! It looks perfect for your boys!
    Happy New Year, Mary….. I hope 2008 is a wonderful time for you all.

  4. Yay – thank you so much for sharing the pics! That is one of the things I have planned for nap time today too (though I’ll put pics on my blog, not yours)…though I may just end up joining the kids for a nap!

    Hope you have a blast tonight!

  5. Oh, Mary, it IS such a fun, cozy room! No wonder they love it so much…I would too!

  6. sincerelyanna says:

    I love how creative you and your husband are together. This room rocks!

  7. Mary, the room looks great!! It doesn’t seem to matter how much space kids have as long as they have a little of their own. We have three girls in loft beds in one room (one in a bunk and one in a pure loft.) My mom made them curtains to go around their beds and they each have a lamp and a shelf. That is their space and they seem to like it.
    Great idea and good work on your husbands side of things!

  8. Looks GREAT!

  9. very cute! cozy! I will put pictures of our kids room as well when we ar done, but you are right too much clutter for me to share plus not done. I would love to be added to your blog roll, I have added yours to mine.

  10. How cozy and fun. It’s a fort! Love it.

    A blessed, happy new year to you!

  11. Wow, Mary, that little room looks great. I bet they are thrilled.

    Hope you had fun tonight at the party. Happy New Year!

  12. The way you did that is SO cool and creative! I’m glad they love it; I know mine would.

    Can’t wait to hear about your Big Night Out!

  13. Great room! Many adventures will be had in there to be sure! Your friend offering up her whole jewelry box to you reminds me of that short story The Necklace–don’t lose anything 🙂

  14. wow! Looks great!!

  15. It really is so cool how you used the space…

  16. What a cozy room! I would have loved a room like this growing up!

  17. So cute! Your husband did a great job!

  18. I like the new room. But I’m still waiting for the photo story on the New Year’s Eve Dress of Hawtness.

  19. Where are the pics of the new dress, hot mama??? (Some of us didn’t get out for the new year and are counting on you to liven things up!)

  20. How cozy! I would have loved it when I was a kid!

  21. Thank you for directing me to this post — what a great room! Thanks for sharing!