How can you not love a man who….

…when you sit down to watch “The Italian Job” with your teenagers, he tells the kids, “Mom’s sister is in this movie.”

And he means Charlize Theron.

And, bless the man, he seriously sees a resemblance.

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  1. That is just TOO sweet!

  2. Hi Mary– Please email me!!!! I too am an adoptive homeschooling mom, and I happened upon your blog very LATE at night (or early in the morning!). I have some things to ask you about!!! I would very much appreciate an email. If my email address is not accessible to you, would you mind indicating that on your blog somehow, please? Thank you so much- and thank you for being a beautiful witness of God’s love.

  3. Sweet!

    I can see it, too.

  4. It’s nice to find another Homeschooler on here! 🙂 My Mom homeschooled me all the way through; I just graduated this spring. Check out my blog if you have a chance!


  5. Aaaaah. That was nice of him.

    But he is right. I went and looked at that picture and she does look like you.

  6. Hilda Zimmerman says:

    Hi Mary!!

    I have been checking constantly for your pictures of the boys room that you did. I would love to see what you did with the small space. It may be something that we do with our family room at some point.

    Take care and God bless!!
    Hilda 🙂

  7. Soo cute. I can see it! Something in the nose a cheek area.

  8. That’s cool that you look like Charlize Theron, I haven’t seen enough pictures of you to know if I think there’s a resemblance or not, but that’s cool that your husband thinks so anyway 🙂

    I love the movie Italian Job!!

  9. I TOTALLY see the resemblance! Now when I see her in People magazine, I’ll think of you!

    🙂 Jamie