because hypothetical shopping turns out to be terribly fun…

..please help me some more.

Which one do you like best?

Sublime evening dress — Coldwater Creek

Black Illusion Dress –

Isaac Mizrahi —

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  1. Ooohh, Coldwater Creek, hands down.

    The others are nice but will look like everyone else’s little black dress.

  2. I like the Sublime Evening dress by Coldwater Creek the best, too. Hypothetically, of course. 😉

  3. Well, I started with Target, moved on to Overstock, but as soon as I saw Coldwater Creek I actually said,”ooo” out loud.

    I’m voting for Coldwater Creek!!!

  4. I’m going with the crowd, but only because the Coldwater Creek is my favorite too.

    Let me know if you need coupon codes – there are lots out there!

  5. I know it’s the most expensive, but the Coldwater dress is breathtaking! I love it.

  6. Yes, coldwater creek is gorgeous. My second favorite is the Target one and is more economical 🙂

  7. Coldwater Creek definately.. gorgeous dress!

  8. Sublime evening dress by Coldwater creek!!!

  9. My favortie was the dress, and the third the Target. I was not a fan of the tan and lace on the top of the coldwater dress.

  10. One more for Coldwater Creek! ~:-)

  11. Coldwater creek—-for looks—not as revealing!

    The other two for price.

  12. I like the Coldwater Creek one best. 🙂

  13. coldwater creek is beautiful.

  14. Coldwater Creek is my favorite.

  15. Coldwater Creek is first, Target a distant second.

  16. kelli in the mirror says:

    I like the overstock dress best.

  17. Coldwater Creek.

  18. The Coldwater Creek dress is beautiful!

  19. The target dress will give you height and legs. It’s beautiful and economical and Itzhak generally fits really well and is well-made. I’d go with that one.

  20. Coldwater Creek is great, but expensive. For the record, Issac Mizrahi’s line for Target is WONDERFUL for the price — well made, flattering on a wide variety of body types, and fun. You also might want to look at Eileen Fischer — they’re very expensive but have amazing sales sometimes.

  21. I like the dress the best. I am not sure how tall you are but my experience with Coldwater Creek is that their things are designed for tall people. I am not one of them even though I do like thier stuff! Still I think the dress is the best and it has a fabulous price!
    Can’t wait to see you in one of them!! You will have to share the pics!!

  22. I love the Overstock one, but I don’t think you can go wrong w/ any of those. Are we shopping for shoes next? (Love the shoes pictured w/ the Coldwater Creek one!)

  23. Maybe it’s because it’s cold here and I’ve been freezing my tail off for 6 weeks while it snows non-stop….but for that reason alone the CC dress is my favorite. Also, depending on the types of bras you have stashed in your closet, the CC one may be the only one that doesn’t require a further investment of $20-$50 in a good bra that won’t show. The overstock one seems like it would be hard to pair with a necklace, if you wanted to wear one.

    All 3 are pretty though, so you can’t go wrong. But I’d be checking out coupon codes and the “total package cost” (do you need shoes for any of these? would that change the price? bras? jewelry?) and then pick from there.

    How fun!

  24. I like the Coldwater Creek too!

  25. Coldwater Creek for sure. It has a bit more personality than the others. The Target one is my second favorite. Thanks for asking!

  26. Preface: I may be a frugal miser buzz killing your hypothetical gala.

    The wrap dresses are generally forgiving of most figures. As I wear dresses less frequently than my size changes, that is a perk for me.

    Also, I think the CC dress is quite memorable (maybe that’s what you want), but it might be hard to swing wearing it repeated times.

    I would go for relatively simple, swingy (for dancing effect) black and then buy some crazy, memorable earrings (or undergarments – depending on the hypothetical situation) to go with the dress.

    I would like to see some hypothetical photos after your decision is made, though! 🙂

  27. The one from Coldwater Creek – hands down. Lovely. Can’t wait to see you in it and we’re dying to know where you’ll be going in it. 😉

  28. I am going against the crowd I guess since I don’t like the CC dress. The target one is my favorite.

  29. Sounds like I’m with the majority. I love the Coldwater Creek Dress, but the Target is a close second.

  30. Coldwater Creek all the way!

  31. First of all, a friend of mine told me I should read your blog and I am having a blast doing so! I love your huge family!! =)
    Second, I have no idea what your shape is…are you tall short? Heavy chested or not? So that would help me decide…but I love both the Colwater Creek and the Target one!!! =)

    incase you needed ONE more vote!

  32. The Coldwater Creek dress is my hands-down favorite, and as a bonus it looks most appropriate for the weather. Wow, what’s the big occasion?

  33. Oh, the Coldwater Creek on is it!

    Never posted before, but check in every day! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  34. I am going to go against the crowd. I love the dress. It is simple and paired with the right accessories…you could be the belle of the ball!

    I like the Coldwater Creek dress, too…but the Overstock just seems like a great sophisticated party dress.

    Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas!

  35. DEFINITELY the Coldwater Creek. They are all pretty, but I think the other two are too vanilla…the CC is much more interesting, in my opinion! Have fun at your hypothetical dressy event!

  36. I LOVE the Coldwater Creek one! I am sure it’s made nicely and better quality than the others. A nice blakc dress never goes out of style and I am sure you would wear that one more than once. So I vote for it

  37. the coldwater creek!!! Don’t forget the matching shoes:)
    Here are some CC coupons
    have fun shopping

  38. The dress from Overstock is gorgeous and a great buy!!!! (Second place, Target. I don’t think the Coldwater Creek dress is nearly as trendy/fashionable as the other two. ) Now what is this big occasion????

  39. They are all great dresses…I like the Coldwater Creek one best, and then the Target one. Have fun!

  40. I think the Coldwater Creek dress is beautiful, but I can’t justify the $109 price tag for a dress you may only wear a few times. Plus, I don’t think it is the most flattering cut for anyone who may have a little tummy.

    So, between the Overstock and Target dresses, here are my thoughts:

    Overstock: pretty, “floaty” and nice on all body types. May have uncomfortable bra situation if you have any chest since you would have to wear a halter or strapless low-back bra.

    Target: not as “pretty” but I think you would get more uses out of it (could wear it to a wider variety of events.) Also, looks like you could wear a normal bra (always a plus in my book!) Will be flattering, even on curvy figures.

    Overall, my choice would be Target.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what this is for!


  41. Definitely the one from Coldwater Creek!

  42. Hypothetically, I see you in the CC dress with those gorgeously scrumptious shoes!

  43. unfortunately the coldwater creek dress is , well, sublime. BUT for $109 is better be!

  44. Definitely Coldwater! Very pretty and flattering 🙂

  45. eden wimmer says:

    coldwater creek definitely!!!

  46. Cold water Creek all the way!!

  47. Ok, I’m seeing this AFTER your e-mail! I like the C.C. one, too, for upper body coverage and general lovliness. Looks like it has a shorter length, perhaps. Hope it fits, since it seems we’d all love for you to hypothetically own it!

    Did you know, by the way, that Overstock has a re-stocking fee for returns? It’s not huge, if I recall, but that is unusual.

  48. Coldwater creek. Absolutely.

  49. heretodayghanatomorrow says:

    Coldwater dress, definitely. With the coupon, it helps on the price. also has coupon codes for Coldwater and other stores!
    Happy Shopping, can’t wait to hear what the dress is for! 🙂

  50. Coldwater creek. It just looks to be the most flattering.

    Second choice, overstock.

    I find though that the less structured a dress is, the harder it is to look good in it over the course of several hours. Dresses shift around and start to look frumpy fast if they are poorly constructed.