Hypothetical shopping

If a person happened to need a swanky, swirly, curvy black dress– something designed to flatter a size 12-ish figure, where might one find such a thing?

(No, I can’t tell you more. Yet.)

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  1. Andrea Payne says:

    J C Penny’s has some great dresses. You can usually find something to fit both the body and the pocketbook. Macy’s is discounting all of their more formal dresses right now. They are more expensive, but with the sales it is great. Some of our high shool girls got very nice dresses for the Winter dance there for under $50. Now all of this might be mute if you don’t have either of those store around you.

    Now I’m going to be noisy, why do you need this little black dress?

  2. I have a black floor length beaded gown that I got at JcPenney’s for my sister’s wedding two years ago. It was 80.00 I think.

    They had quite a few around the 30-50 dollar range too. I think you can even get them online.

  3. If you have Dillards, they tend to have amazing sales. I bought a $150 Jessica McClintock gown for $17, for example.

  4. eden wimmer says:

    Torrid.com has some nice clothes. The cater to plus size, but they start at a size 12. Some of their clothes are a bit too young for me, or too “clubby” for me but they do have some nice clothes for my age (39).

    Another good place is Target.com…They have some nice clothes that are only online.

    Also, newport-news.com…I bought my wedding dress there (I didnt end up wearing it though since we eloped), and they ALWAYS have some sort of deal (% off or free shipping)

    Good Luck!!! Its hard finding the perfect dress.

  5. I got some gorgeous clothes at White House/Black Market. They only have black and white but their stuff is amazing. I blogged about what I got for a Christmas party, you can see some of their clothes there if you want. Good luck!

  6. Ooh! That’s a good question to have!

    I’ve found things at Penney’s, too, but you have to check out the special occasion dresses at http://www.coldwatercreek.com !
    (I was going to paste a link to a couple of nice ones, but the addresses were 3 miles long apiece. So go look!)

  7. Oh, and a catalog and coupon from coldwater creek just came in my mailbox. The coupon is for $30 off a purchase of $100 or more. If you just happen to find a use for that, e-mail me and I’ll give you the coupon code!

  8. What about Chadwicks? They have nice fancy dresses at reasonable prices.

  9. I am linking some dresses from Target. Cute and reasonable. I don’t need this kind of dress often so I don’t want to spend much money but still want to look stylish. I am a size 12ish, too and found several that were flattering. Good luck!

  10. I found mine on Overstock.com. $30. Seriously. It is awesome. And I’m sorry I’m randomly replying on your blog- it’s just that I like my dress that much! I’m even going to go try to find it for you…

  11. Mary,
    There is a new resale clothing store here in M–. They have a lot of nice (used) clothing.
    I have had a lot of fun reading your blogs! Thanks for telling me how to find it when we saw you at Thanksgiving!
    Also, I loved the new family picture you sent.
    Thank you,
    (sister-in-law of your sister-in-law)

  12. I got the best black dress in a 10 at Kohls. If it can flatter these “nursing mom curves” it is worth every penny of $50 (and I only spent $11!)

  13. I’m with the former commenter. Kohl’s has great sales and cute fancy dresses that are reasonable for someone of our experience and curvaceousness.