Bye bye candy house

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  1. Hello Sugar Bounce!

  2. Oh Mary, that is adorable! I’ve always encouraged my children to make gingerbread houses during the holidays. Just so I could eat ‘um. 🙂

    Okay, I shared.

  3. Such beautiful sisters!

    I like the eldest’s jacket – very cool!

  4. Ours too!

  5. Too fun!

    My kids are dying to eat the one we made.

  6. Oh how fun!! I love it!

  7. Sooooooooooooo Cute!!!

  8. p.s. Love the jacket. Where did you get it? Have a great day.

  9. Oh my..they are so adorable! Did they save any for the boys?

    How are you all anyway??

  10. What a bunch of cutie pies.

  11. Oh, are they having fun!

    That gingerbread looks yummy. I always cheat and do graham cracker houses

  12. That’s awesome! What a great photo of your girls having the time of their life!


  13. Were you able to put it back together?

  14. Love it!!

  15. this is a great picture. love the expressions. xo

  16. your girls are beautiful !

  17. Ooh, your kids are so adorable, but that makes me feel just a little…ill…

  18. Beautiful.

    Fun to make them, fun to smash them, fun to eat them!

    (I drew one of ours last week: . We made five of them from graham crackers with royal icing and lots (and lots) of candy.)

    Delighted to discover your blog, too!