snowflake craft

At the end of November I set the kids up at the table with a boatload of glue and sequins and craft foam to make their own snowflakes. Here are a few pictures of the fun they had. I bought the snowflake kit at Michael’s and bought extra glitter glue to go along with it. I love this picture of my 5 year old holding her creation so lovingly, with glitter all over her hands.








It’s a good thing we got extra glue because the three year old was single-handedly responsible for using at least half of it. She was totally uninterested in the sequins. All she wanted to do was glue, glue, glue. Her ornament took 4 days to dry. But she had so much fun!!!

Everyone had so much fun that it made me wonder why I don’t do crafts more often. Of course the next day as I was (still) scraping sequins and sparkles off the dining room table, I remembered why. Still, so much fun was had that I decided I really ought to get crafty with the kids more often. Like proper snowflakes, no two were alike. Didn’t they turn out cute?

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  1. Beautiful! I love the photos, Mary… the kids all have so much fun making things, but i know what you mean re the mess! Worth it though.

  2. They are great! I believe my favorite is the one in the lower right hand corner.

    I love the smile peeking out from behind the blue gluestick 🙂

  3. So beautiful! I agree with your youngest – the glur is awesome!

  4. These are beautiful. You are so right to let them do crafts—especially with extra glue, with glitter, with sequins!

    You know, there are many adults who say they’re not crafty or that they’re no good with arts and crafts. When I hear people say this, I know that they had mothers who wouldn’t let them make a mess with glitter, sequins and glue….

  5. Awesome!
    It is fun to see the variety.

    I have been throwing around ideas about what kind of ornament to make with the kids. We may need to try this.

  6. Oh, so cute! And sometimes the best part about crafts is when your children can blow your socks off with their creative little minds!

  7. Very cute! These would make great gifts for grandparents! They love the homemade stuff! 🙂

  8. So cute!!

    My boys are all about a good craft. I asked their grandparents to save their trash for us — milk tops, pop lids, yogurt containers — they love to make stuff out of them. (And the grandparents get a thrill out of washing their trash, ya know?)

    Very sweet snowflakes.

  9. They are adorable!

  10. How cute! I just did a paper snowman craft with my kids and they loved it. The snowflakes look like a lot of fun. I will pick some supplies up to do some tomorrow when I go out:)

  11. I had a friend who bought a large portion of boat canvas to use as a table cloth for when they are crafting. I thought it was a wonderful idea.

  12. onehopesixfutures says:

    Just a suggestion, we get cafeteria trays from a restaurant supply store. All glue, glitter, marker, play doh – general mess is done on a tray. It saves my table and confines their area so their decorations don’t roll off the table. It is also easy to put aside mid project if we need to move on to soemthing else.

  13. Crafts are fun, but so much work after. They did a great job! And the glitter glue is the best thing ever for little girs!

  14. I bought those same snow flakes at Michaels out here on the east coast! WE did it at our celebrate adoption potluck on December 1st. So we didn’t quite make it in National Adoption Month—we were close. The kids like the craft here, too!

    Where’s the newspaper protecting that beautiful table!!!! Makes clean up easier, too!

  15. You’ve convicted me. I love crafting myself, but rarely do it with my boys. I’m off to find a Christmas craft…

  16. Great creations! You could have a “craft table cloth”, that is used just for that purpose. At work we find we can pick up quite cheap table cloths from our pound shop. Or a large un-wanted bed sheet might do the job?

  17. what a great family tradition…inclusive of all the ages! I’m sure I’d still like to do this!

  18. They are beautiful!! And I’m L-ingOL at the sequin-scraping. I have a friend who isn’t one bit afraid of a big fat crafty mess, and though I’d love to be like her…let’s just say I’m still working on it.

  19. These are lovely. I think the same thing about crafting with my three, and yet I love the results so much too. You’ve inspired me. Now I need to get them crafting tomorrow : )

    Thanks for sharing the precious photos. I love the glue masterpiece the best!

  20. They all turned out so well. What a great idea!

  21. i agree about the tableclothes. hit the clearance isle after Christmas and pick up a few. you can usually get them for a $1 or less. they’re also really great for picnics in the living room. kids are so easy to entertain.

  22. love it! and i love your youngest’s snow flake. my daughter decorated a clay christmas tree that i started today. basically all the clay that was not part of the actual tree became the decorations on it. picture a piled up rainbow of clay on top of the tree. adorable and she was very serious about it!