C’mon, Tooth Fairy

My 5-1/2 year old has her first TWO loose teeth! (My baby– sob!)

This evening she was showing them to me and said, “Look, mom. This one is really wigglish!”

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  1. My 6-year-old has had a loose one for a week and even though it just keeps getting looser and is bugging her, she won’t let anyone pull it out.

  2. So cute, we are at the stage we hope Micheyla stops having loose teeth.

  3. Two weeks ago my sweethearts son (5 1/2) lost his first tooth, so the tooth fairy (yes me) stole into his room that night and swaped the tooth for quarters. Wednesday evening we picked him up from his dad’s house. He’s a chatterbox and always soooo excited to come home with mom. We turned onto the freeway and mom asked, “Is your other tooth still loose?”, he replied, “Yes it’s very wigglish.” Love that word, it’s the first time we’ve heard it.