Faces of Layla

My girls are featured in about 10 places in this gorgeous book, The Faces of Layla. The pictures were taken at Layla House in Ethiopia just one year ago by a professional photographer, before we even knew that the girls would be coming to us. The book is just lovely– and not only the parts featuring my girls. If this beautiful book appeals to you, you may be interested to know that a large portion of your money will go straight to the GRACE FUND, a fund dedicated to giving grants to families adopting older children who have waited a long time for families. Not everyone is able to adopt, but truly, we all can help get kids into families where they belong.

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  1. All of the photos are so beautiful and touching and it was really fun to recognize one of the faces in the photo slideshow as your daughters! The picture of her is so joyful too, you get a real sense of her spirit. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree the book is gorgeous. We have two copies that we’re giving as gifts this year. And I can personally attest that the GRACE fund is a great cause…it helped us get our son home!

  3. So Cool!

  4. I checked out the slideshow.The striped socks on the swing is your daughter, isn’t it? Very cool.

  5. eden wimmer says:

    I started reading your blog via a friend of mine. I just looked at the pictures of the book, and my heart went out to all of those children.

    In reading your blog, I found you to be an awesome wonderful woman who I can look up to. I wish I had the ability to help children as you do. You are definitely one of my heros!!!

  6. I just wanted to comment on that book….it just looks beautiful!! What an awesom idea…….