When children fight

Here’s all I have time to write now! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. The timeliness of this particular post is uncanny. My child that came home at an older age has a particular difficulty when she feels she has been wronged by a younger sibling. I imagine in the orphanage that she just “took care of it”.

  2. I’m copying this down right now to save for when I need it. We only have one child so far, but she’s definitely a stubborn one! When another comes along, this will come is very useful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is very good. Thank you.

  4. Also impressed w/ the timeliness. LOL We’ve been witnessing this same phenomenon at our house w/ one son who’s been home 8 months now. I’m totally uncertain as to how best to handle it. Do we comfort him for those perceived slights (even a chair can be blamed for his pain) including the hundredth time he mentions an invisible sore? Do we say “I’m sorry” and carry on? We have several other young children who will be picking up on how this is handled & possibly adding it to their own repertoire, so that factors in, also.

    Angela 🙂

  5. Mary, Could you email me please, dldguinn@hotmail.com.
    Deb D

  6. Good thoughts. So does that mean that the old, “I don’t care who started it” is actually sound parenting?

  7. Great advice, Mary. Thank you very much.

  8. Excellent and thought-provoking.

  9. Cathy in Australia says:

    I was praying last night that God would give me what I need to endure a difficult time with my children fighting a lot. Thanks so much – your post is my prayer answered.

  10. Great post, Mary! Thanks for the good “from-the-trenches” advice.