Thanksgiving… and beyond

Just wanted to take this opportunity to let you all know that you’re on my ‘thankful’ list!!! Y’all enrich my life in many ways. Just a few examples (and there are many more!): one of our favorite Bible story books these days was one that Shannon recommended. This weekend I am planning to copy this darling craft that I spotted over at Jenni’s. Sometime during December I am also planning to make these yummy things from Robinznest. Posts like this from Anita help me be even more thankful for what I have. And Heather’s honest posts about faith in tough times always point me towards my Saviour.

And now, in case any of you are planning on getting up at some ridiculous hour to shop 30 hours from now (but who’s counting??) , may I offer my last year’s tips for successful Black Friday shopping?

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how much e-friends enrich our lives? This is definitely a brave new world…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi~*HAPPY THANKSGIVING!*

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for all you do for the blog community!!!!

  3. Dear Mary,

    Hope you and your lovely family have a blessed and full-of-joy Thanksgiving Day !

  4. Hi Mary, I just found your blog about orphans and I’m looking forward to reading more about you and your unique family. I hope you’re having a great Thanksgiving weekend!