Grocery budgeting

I got a question from a reader who read that I spend $700 or so a month on groceries. Actually these days, with two new kids, I think it is more in the range of $800. But I thought that in case others were interested, I’d share a link to a couple posts I wrote awhile back describing my grocery shopping habits.
Let’s Go Shopping, Part One | Part Two

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  1. Which reminds me: how’s that cow doing?

  2. It’s getting respectable-looking. It’s been feasting on soft pumpkins lately. (I’m still trying not to look at him much)


  3. Toothpaste can sometimes be found at the $1 store, or on sale at the store with double coupons. Often I buy toothbrushes at the dollar store.

    Becareful with this—toothpaste made in China with antifreeze as one of the ingredients has made it’s way into the US.

  4. If you can feed your family of 12 on $800 a month, then I can do much better with my family of 5! I’m going to sit down and see where I can “trim the fat”, so to speak! Thanks for the inspiration, Mary!

    I loved how your posts were so informative, yet not at all “preachy”!

    As for the Dollar Store, I check unit prices – sometimes you’re actually paying more per ounce/unit than at the grocery store because the $1 packaging is smaller.

  5. I have not really spent much time in the past with my grocery budget, but lately I have been wondering. I think I spend roughly $500-700/month, although this is just a guess.

    Now you have me thinking. Will try to follow it this month and see where we can trim some corners.