Order in the Drawers

This evening I restored order to my pajama drawer.

Since our two-year-old still sleeps in our room, my usual modus operandi at bedtime is to paw through the drawer in the dark hopefully pulling out items until I get something that feels like a match. Then I stuff the rest back into the drawer in the jumble. Every once in a while when the drawer will shut no more, I sort and discard and fold. This evening when I was done it looked good! So darned good that I started thinking about other drawers. Cupboards. Shelves. Even the floors under beds.

Just how would it feel if my whole house was as neat as that pajama drawer?

Certainly such a goal — such a home — would be good for my soul.

The idealistic side of me wanted to whip out the cleaning supplies and the bags to fill for Goodwill and get moving.

Then the practical side of me kicked in. 15 minutes per drawer times umpteen drawers in this house.


Just then came a call from the 9 year olds. “Mom!! Aren’t you coming to play scum with us?”

I scampered off happily, leaving my drawers behind me.

One is enough for today.

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  1. And here I am staying up too late with my husband gone on a business trip and I notice my scummy link 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  2. I love neat and orderly. With three boys, there isn’t much neat and orderly at our house. Which gets me to a question that I have wondered about the owlhaven home more than once: how do you guys organize shoes? Does everyone keep their’s in their room/closet or do you have one big closet for everyone’s? Somedays I think shoes will be the death of me . . .or atleast my sanity.

  3. You don’t want to overdo it!! I was thinking about this very subject last night.

    I’m glad that you played the game instead; the drawers will wait, won’t they?!!

    I am going to print off the scum directions. Since you were called late to the game, did you end up as scum?

  4. Scum is an all time favorite family game, usually played on Thanksgiving. Good times. I did not check your version but we give special rights to the King, such as getting to sit in the chair of their choice and getting the scums best card.

    Every so often I find things in order. Feels good too.

  5. Oh Mary, I love me a clean drawer. That game sounds fun. Our family loves card games and we will definitely try this one.

    Have a great day,

  6. HA! That was awesome!!!

  7. I had the same experience yesterday. I finally put away everything in the bedroom that was out of place, and felt the joy of tidiness carrying me into the next room. The bedrooms now look great–it’s just the rest of the house. Oy.

  8. I’m shocked that you ran off to play with your kids and left your drawers behind!


  9. Play time is much better than cleaning time! Hope it was fun!

  10. We don’t need another game to distract us, but Scum does look interesting…you wear pajamas that match? I don’t grasp that concept, LOL.
    Order = chaos for us I think, we seem to survive better that way.

  11. You left your drawers behind? *Gasp!* 😉

  12. Sometimes kids are the best little reminders a person can have to remember the important things in life. (Not that organized drawers aren’t sometimes glorious in their own right.)

  13. I play the same blind man’s matching game myself. Since mess puts me right over the edge, I came up with a solution that catered to my (neurosis) desire for cleanliness that might work for you: the really big rubber bands you can get at Target or office stores. Roll your PJ’s together, then slip the band over to keep them together. Now that drawer stays neat always, it doesn’t really take any more time upfront, there’s no reorganizing to do, and no matter how little light I have, I always match (though you wonder how important that is…when there’s no light?).


  14. Because dis-organized drawers will ALWAYS be around but those wonderful children of yours won’t. I tell myself that daily.
    We are all blessed!