Today’s fun

I’m making Christmas stockings for our new daughters. Our 4 biggest kids have stockings made by their great-grandma and given to them a few days after she died. Later I made stockings for John, me, and our 2 Korean boys of a different complimentary fabric. I then made 2 more for our littlest two girls out of yet another complimentary fabric. And just the other day I found enough leftover from the little girls’ stockings to make matching ones for our newest two girls. I’ll share pictures when I get them done. What fun!

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  1. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I’m thinking about making all new stockings for us this year since we have so many new family members.

  2. I think that you are the coolest mom on the planet!

  3. Can’t wait to see them! I’m looking forward to making stockings for my own family someday. My parents and siblings and I received homemade ones from an aunt and they’re so special!

  4. Oooooh, I would love to do that. Have all the material bought 10 times over and then run out of time.

    Queen of the procrastinators me.

  5. Making stockings for my girls are on my to-do list. Debating about new ones for Hubby and I too. Very fun! Can’t wait to see yours.

  6. What a hard time I had making a Christmas stocking for my newly arrived daughter in 2005. I had made stockings for the other 4 that matched. I couldn’t have four that were the same and one that wasn’t. There was already enough (or too much) jealousy. The background was a checked flannel red with a beige background. I tried to dye a red and white to get it beige. Wasn’t the same. Finally I found some of the original flannel in my stash. I had to piece the back. But it worked.

    Glad you found the leftover fabric and that you have enough to make two more!

  7. And please give us the “recipe” for exactly how you did it!

  8. Just curious, what type of budget do you have for Christmas gifts for your large family. I always look cheap compared to most others around where I live.