Nature Valley Nut Crunch bars

Nature Valley Nut CrunchRecently my family got to try out the Nature Valley Nut Crunch bars, both the almond and the peanut variety. I was surprised when I got a look at these bars. I expected them to be made like other granola-type bars, with oats or rice or other lower cost filler ingredients in them. But these truly are NUT bars, (plus enough sweetener to hold the nuts together, of course). The ingredients for the almond variety are almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sugar, corn syrup, and salt. I prefer chewy granola bars more than crunchy ones– I actually handed mine off to a kid who I knew would enjoy it more. But for people who like their snack bars crunchy, I think these are great. We don’t buy snack bars very often– mostly just to eat in the car on trips — but I might snag a box or two of these for my ‘crunch’ lovers next time we go on a trip, because I think these are probably better for you than the average granola bar.

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  1. Oooo. I love the crunchy bars with sugar in the middle–I think of them as candy bars not granola bars at all (around here there is a variety by planters sold in with the candy bars.) If you don’t think of them as granola bars then they are good–if you try to think of them as granola bar type bars, ew.

  2. We buy those granola bars, and my children LOVE them.

  3. I just found my way to your wonderful site. You are one impressive mom! You have a beautiful family.

  4. How many grams of sugar/fiber/protein?

    (Those are always my criteria for any snacky-type thing)
    The best are low/high/high

  5. Have you had the Sweet & Salty ones? The peanut butter one is my favorite. I could eat one every day pretty much forever.

  6. I am diabetic, which means I have to snack cautiously. The short list of all natural ingredients and low sugar content make these a perfect snack food that supports my blood sugar without “spiking” it. I only hope Nature Valley (and others) will save this as a template for future use.