Lookin’ like Fall

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  1. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Are those YOUR pumpkins? Great job!!!

  3. Looks like a pumpkin pie or two in your future!

    Beautiful family.

  4. I am sure getting hugry for some pumpkin pie.

    A family that PLAYS together stays together. Life is short so enjoy it.

  5. Looks like lots of fun. A family as big as yours needs that many pumpkins! And everytime I see a picture that includes you and your oldest daughter (I think she’s your oldest?), it’s hard to tell who’s who!

  6. Tell me you did not GROW all those pumpkins! What a supply!

  7. another great x-mas photo contender. oops…but you need to be in it! 🙂 georgeous family.

  8. Beautiful pumpkins! Even more beautiful family!

  9. Great shots!

  10. Curious of what Ethiopians do with pumpkins…I googled.
    First I found your post about pumpkin wat.
    Then I found this… http://herbs.ygoy.com/what-are-pumpkin-seeds/
    “Ethiopians chew pumpkin seeds as a traditional laxative.”

  11. WHOA!!!! Lots of pumpkins!!!! : ) Very fun! And you DO have a beautiful family! ; )

  12. What a lovely family photo.


  13. Yes, all those pumpkins DID actually come from our garden. isn’t that crazy??


  14. I can never believe how much Eldest, or is that Second Eldest?, looks like you 🙂

    They’re all beautiful, though. I love how proud you are 🙂