A week ago all I had on this wall was one small cabinet over the washer, plus the short (lower) clothes rod that you see in the picture. Now I’ve got three long shelves spanning the whole room– a perfect place for my sewing supplies, scrapbooking supplies, and school stuff. Even better, the counter on the other side of the room–the one that used to be heaped with school and craft supplies– is now clear.

Note: in this picture you can also see a longer clothes rod. It goes the whole length of the room and I love it. It does a great job drying quilts and jeans and other bulky items, especially in the winter when I can’t use my clothes line.

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  1. i want that! 🙂 jcn

  2. You did a super job! I need to do something like that.

  3. OH! Looks fab! I was waiting and waiting for these photos you know!

    I am definitely going to do the rod across the room! I am constantly washing quilts here (my son uses them as toilet paper….. don’t ask) and that would be a perfect out of the way place for them!

  4. That is a great idea!

  5. That looks great!!!! When we moved into our new place, all those shelves – much like that – were in our laundry room! A HUGE gift!!! I didn’t realize until we started unpacking how valuable it’d be!!!! That’s where I have all the kids table time and growing school stuff! It’s SO GREAT!!!! Yours looks GREAT – very organized!!!! : ) And I LOVE the clothes rod!!! I might have to copy that! : )

  6. come and build one for me!!!

  7. Wow Mary! Great job!!!!

  8. Gasp. I so want that too! Wow! Congratulations and enjoy!

  9. In my laundry room I have great over-the-appliance shelving, but realize I have squandered this great gift,by using it as a junk pile.

    Your wonderful pics have inspired me to utilize it meaningfully.

    (But I DON’T have a cool super-long hanging rod—That’s laundry-room GOLD, right there…)

  10. Beautiful! Great job. I’m sure you’ve been having great satisfaction in being able to use your new space and keep things tidy this week. Good for you. [:-)

  11. How awesome to have so much room now. Looks great!