Better dead than a size 3.

This afternoon I was doing a bit of work in my 9 and 12 year olds’ closet, installing a rack to corral their growing collection of shoes. In the process I discovered odds and ends of clothing tossed on the floor, including a nice pair of pants that I’d just gotten at a yard sale. When the 12 year old saw me retrieving the pants, she asked whose they were.

“These are yours, for later,” I said.

“MINE?” she said in horror, spreading them out in front of her hips, obviously dismayed at the size of them.

“They’re a little big,” I agreed, “but you’ll grow…”

“This big?? Me?? Maybe after I go up to Jesus!” She then crumpled the offending size 3’s, threw them on the ground, and stomped off.

Leaving me trying hard to imagine some alternate reality in which I would be so dismayed over the idea of being a size 3.

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  1. Um, yeah! Add a zero to that 3 and you’re closer to my size. *Sigh……….*


  2. Too funny!

  3. Oh that is too cute! Remember to show her this post after she has reached her middle aged spread……

    ‘Maybe after I go up to Jesus’ made me almost spit my drink all over my keyboard! THAT is truly priceless!

  4. So funny! Save the pants AND a note telling this story. Put them away for her to look at when she’s 40…

  5. Oh to be a 3 again. Sigh.

  6. LOL!!!!

  7. My college roommate, no kidding, was a size 0 . . . my five-foot-eight-and-a-half-got-hips-for-two self is NOT! We never wondered whose clothes were whose! But yes, I have traveled on that train of thought you had today!

  8. I don’t think I ever was a size 3! But my Ethiopian daughter HAD a hard time imagining herself growing, too. When she came in July, 2005 she was wearing an 8 and now she’s a 16, (at least.) With her broken leg she’s wearing even larger pants so that she can put them on over the cast.

  9. My oldest is only nine and developing hips already–she is in a 2! I am praising the Lord that she doesn’t notice the difference in sizes and only laments that she has grown out of her favorite jeans. 🙂

  10. I still have my favorite dress from 4th grade. My aunt (a wonderful seamstress) made it for me. I kept it, hoping to have a daughter who might like it if only for the stories, but was given 3 sons to raise.

    4th grade was the last year of a dress without sewing darts for the chest area. I began wearing a training bra over the summer, and 5th grade was quite a time of adjustment.

    My wedding dress was a size 6. Growing wider wasn’t necessarily from being pregnant, but post-partum depression sure added inches and sizes to my body.
    Maybe when I go up to Jesus, He’ll remember me in my itty-bitty red dress.

  11. I think “maybe after I go up to Jesus!” is rapidly on its way to being the next big catch phrase…

    This really is a funny story, although I’m sure it was less than humorous at the time…true of many things!

  12. hahaha, that is too cute!

  13. That’s pretty funny! If only she knew… 🙂
    So I saw you shiro recipe… could I come over and have a cooking lesson or 2 sometime? I’d love to come eat some Ethiopian food with you sometime, too! nothin’ like inviting myself over, ya know 🙂

  14. Ah, perspective. ;^) I can remember thinking I was too fat as a kid, and when I look at photos of myself back then, I see I was very skinny! How to work on the self-image issue with girls…?

  15. So funny. Ah, to be 12 again.

    (Though, I’m pretty sure I wasn’t as small as a size 3 at that age!)

  16. LOLOL!!!!

    I am quite certain that size 3 will never, ever fit over my hips again… thighs for that matter…, probably not even my knees.

  17. i think the last time i wore a size 3 i was three years old and you wore what age age you were!

  18. I have to ask, since it’s been bugging me all night, where does this approach come from? Is she thinking primarily that she can’t beleive she will ever get that big; or has she already embraced the typical American teenager views on what is ‘beautiful’ ? The African standard of feminin beauty usually includes a little extra on the hips, right? Is Ethiopia one of the countries that is exempt from that? I’m not trying to open a can of worms or anything – just genuinely curious.