Yard sale booty

After yard-saling all morning last Friday, our new 9 year old from Ethiopia declared that we should ‘no go to big stores again’.

Care to guess what we paid for all this loot? (We got 10 shirts, 4 pair shoes, 5 pair shorts, 3 pair wind pants, 6 pair jeans, 1 pair skates, 2 bags, 3 jackets, 1 slip, 1 baseball cap, 1 set costume jewelry, 1 formal dress). I’ll give a prize to the person who guesses closest…..

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  1. OK, considering I am in Australia and have no idea what things go for at yard sales (known as garage sales here) cause ours are absolutely pitiful here in the sticks, I will have a wild guess. Cause I am like that. I like to live on the edge.


    Looks like a fantastic haul! When I have gone to the ones around here they are dragging out the junk that they can’t sell on Ebay, or it is little old ladies selling their teapot and spoon collections for 50 bucks.

  2. I would say $15 for the lot!

  3. $37

  4. Marsha (Multi-taskingmom) says:


  5. $12.75

  6. $26?

  7. $13.25

  8. I love when you do these, Mary. I’m never right, but I’ll make a wild guess.


  9. $7.75

  10. $31.50

  11. $16.25

  12. $33.25

  13. $48

  14. For some reason $17 popped into my head. Though that seems incredibly low for all that.

  15. $14.50

    (I bought my son a perfectly good bike on Sat for $2 at a yard sale.)

  16. $46.50

  17. I think you should have gotten them for free when they saw all those kids you had, they wanted to make a donation to your wonderful family.

  18. $25 even. Man. SKATES? SO COOL.

  19. $22.50

  20. $5, honestly you can get some WONDERFUL deals at yardsales 🙂

  21. $27 (This is kind of like The Price is Right — Yardsale Edition.)

  22. 35$!

  23. I am going to say $57.00

  24. $23

  25. someone took my answer so I’ll go with $13

  26. $18.75

  27. I’d say $30… and wow, good job! Can’t wait to hear how much it was…

  28. $21.50

  29. $17.77

  30. Hi Mary – I’m delurking both to guess and to tell you how much I enjoy reading about your expanding family. My husband and I are contemplating (and praying hard about) African adoption, although perhaps not Ethiopia specifically.

    Anyways, thank you so much for your writing and inspiration.




  31. i love yard saleing… but have had miserable luck this year.

    my guess is $36.50

  32. I’m going to say $39.

  33. $34.00? I haven’t been to a yard sale in years though, so I don’t know what things go for these days.

  34. $38? I’ve really enjoyed your posts, but haven’t commented until now!



  35. $27.50 – I just love yard sales!

  36. $8.25

    Love a bargain too! It’s a true thrill to get a good deal.

  37. Wow, that is quite a lot of loot. Knowing how frugal you are I am going to guess $8.50.

    Enjoy all your stuff!!!

  38. My guess is $28

  39. $15.75?

  40. $18.43

    I just stuck my forehead to the monitor and pretended I’m clairvoyant. That’s what the pictures said to me.:)

  41. Ugh. Why don’t we get those kind of great yard sales here?

    I’ll take $14.75, Alex 🙂

  42. ummmm…how about $25?

  43. $19.50

  44. I say 17.25!!!

  45. $42 Garage sales are so much fun! Sounds like your 9 year old is finding that out 🙂

  46. $38.50

  47. Did you have all your kids with you as you hopped in and out of the car for all those yard sales? If so, you are one brave mama! 🙂

  48. I’m guessing you went to more than one, which would make it a little more, so I’m guessing 44.25.

  49. $48 ?

  50. $6.25