Apple basket- day 5

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  1. I am insanely jealous. Our apples (the ones that survived the ravenous racoons) are tiny, hard, bug-hole riddle golf balls.

    Yours are simply luscious looking.

    And now I am off to plan an orchard visit. 🙂

  2. Looks like they are right on pace with your prediction – you said they’d finish them in 10 days, right? And 5 days in, they’re about halfway there. Go Owlhaven kids… An apple a day, and all that!

  3. Inspired by your photo, our family packed up some bags and took off for the local orchard, stomachs anticipating loads of apples–I pondered which laundry basket to dedicate to our own haul.

    We got there, headed out into the orchard as usual, but there were no signs indicating which rows were ripe. I sent one of the kids back in to find out, and she came back and said, “There are none.”


    “None. There are no apples this year.”

    This is a big orchard. We went back in and *then* I noticed a sign that explained that a frost last spring had killed the blossoms and this year there is no apple crop–they’re trucking them in from other states.

    We all almost cried.

    We selected from the bins of “imported” apples slowly. One of the kids looked up and said, “It’s not the same as picking them yourself.” Everyone agreed as we loaded up a modest bag with foreign apples. It’s not the same at all.