Scenes from today

–Watching a certain child who shall not be named take 40 minutes to write two sentences. During which time I listened to another child read, assisted with 5 math problems, and canned 5 quarts of tomatoes. Smiling serenely in an attempt to keep my head from exploding at the sheer stubbornness of the child. And in the end prevailing, and kissing the kid on the forehead.

–Sitting in the warm pool at the rec center watching as kid after kid shouts, “Mom, look what I can do! Look! Look!” Laughing at the energy and the smiles and the splashes. And occasionally stopping to blink frantically to keep my contact lenses from falling out.

–Seeing two kids come triumphantly in from the van bearing a bag of Dove chocolate. Chocolate that their Dad had bought and hidden away just for me after watching the morning’s school session. Listening to the kids clamor for chocolate, and giving them some. Reeses’. Not my Dove.

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  1. Hey. Sharing only goes so far.

    And Dove chocolate?

    Well, that’s over the line.

  2. Ah…daily life of homeschooling. I love it!

  3. Ah yes, the serene smile. I’m still working on perfecting that one because I do recognize what a blessing it will be for everyone around me when I can master it. I am certain that the alternative perplexed and frustrated scowl is planting seeds of discord in my household. I have seen it already this very week! Come to think of it, I could smile much more serenely if I had some Dove chocolate, I do believe.

  4. expectingamiracle says:

    Smart thinking to save your Dove chocolate!

  5. Ahhh… smiling serenely and a kiss on the head… reminds me of the “soft answer that turns away wrath”… good job, Mary! As a Mommy to five adopted children, and a homeschooler, I have been blessed by your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Those 40 minutes sound like daily life around here with my one particular child, except that the minutes usually include multiple hissy fits (on the part of the child, though occasionally on the part of the mother) that affect every other person in the house. Not in a good place here…

    I love your description of time in the pool.

  7. I don’t know how you do it, girl. You are amazing. Your hubby is, too. Kudos to him for knowing when to break out the chocolate. [:-)


  8. Our Princess gets so mad at me. I buy her a bag of Dove and then eat it all myself! 🙂

  9. The 40 minutes for two sentences is a big part of why I didn’t think I could homeschool. After a while I think I would get entirely exasperated and my son would get more unable to write. Your patience is admirable and you totally deserve the Dove chocolate.

  10. Great verbal snapshots! And I LOVE Dove chocolate!