Opinion Saturday

Your party ideas were great! Thanks so much! The winner of the VIP Award this week goes to Noodle of Thoughts from My Noodle. I loved her idea of asking guests to come prepared to participate in a talent show. You can read more about it here. Thanks, Noodle!

I have a food question for you today: if you were being sent to a desert island for a months’ vacation, and had to choose just a few meals to bring with you, which one meal would absolutely for sure be on your list of gotta-have dishes? If you’d share the recipe (perhaps on your own blog?) that would be even more fun! You have all week to share your favorite dish, and the most interesting dish will win my Very Interesting Person (Food?) Award next Saturday.

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  1. Was that desert island, or “dessert” island? Because my first choice would be ice cream.

  2. Ooh. My favorite “breaded” chicken. Dip the breasts in yogurt, and then a mixture of Ritz cracker crumbs (2 cups), parmesan cheese (1/4 cup), sage and garlic powder.


  3. sour cream chicken. Mix a can of cream of whatever soup (I use mushroom, my brother swears on using brocolli), and a container of sour cream together. Slather it over come chicken breasts, add a few dashes of paprkia to the top, throw it in the oven, and viola! Serve it over rice. The more soup/sour cream mix you use, the better it is to pour over the rice!

  4. I would take Glorified Hamburgers. Serve them with baked potatoes and steamed veggies. So good. You can find the recipe at my recipe site (www.sahmof3cooks.wordpress.com) but it is basically hamburger with oatmeal, paprika, milk, and some other things mixed and shaped into patties and cooked with a great sauce. So good, so east and never any left-overs.

    Fun idea! I’ll be checking back for more recipe ideas. i have heard that the chicken recipe above with the ritz crackers is really good but I haven’t tried it. Will definately have to!

  5. Aw, thanks! Credit goes to my (then 8-year-old) son. It was completely his idea. 🙂

    One of our favorite recipes is Moroccan Chicken. YUM! I make it for many potlucks and such. The spice combination is wonderful, and it’s different from the usual casserole and fried chicken fare.



  6. We LOVE Mexican food – I have a recipe for shredded chicken that is extremely versatile. We use it for tacos, burritos, NACHOS (my favorite – I could eat them every day on a deserted island), enchiladas and tortilla soup. This would definitely be my pick: