perfection isn’t always shiny

You’d think that a guy who spent many hours during his teen years washing his car to a perfect shine — and who still cares enough about his car that he washes it every week — might also be the type of guy who would prefer that his children not write in the dust on his car.

You’d probably be right.

Except if the handwriting happened to be that of your newly arrived 12 year old daughter.

Then “I love you, my dad” — written on every window of the entire car — might just be the sweetest words you read all day.

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  1. Oh how lovely!!!!

  2. Sounds like a good excuse not to wash the car! Did you take a picture or two?

  3. My heart did a little extra flip flop when I read that! How precious.

    I guess she’s had a birthday since she’s been home : )

  4. omg!! isn’t that the sweetest ever!

  5. It’s the “my” that really makes that heart-wrenching for me. So sweet.

  6. Too sweet!

  7. That sounds like a reason enough not to wash the car.

  8. Incredibly sweet and yes I am sure he did not mind that ONE insy winsy little bit.

  9. Now that is awesome!

  10. Oh, you made me cry!

    How wonderful!

    And that sums up the answer to any question about how everyone is settling in!

  11. Aw….*sniff, sniff*…I’d take pictures, never wash it, clean out the garage to give it a place to park, whatever it took to have that remain there always! 🙂

  12. What a precious young lady! Definitely get pictures. My bedroom mirror has a tiny handprint of a six month old. It’s from 2001. I clean around it every time.

  13. Awe how sweet!!!!!!

  14. Oh…that made me cry. I bet Daddy’s heart is full today!

  15. I’m betting that car doesn’t get washed from quite a long time.

  16. So sweet! I love this!

  17. Oh, don’t wash it ever again!

  18. Perfection needs so much time to get it.At last many things are
    missed in chasing our ambition.I lose my chances because of perfection.It’s so tired night and day to train the skill and I admit that I dissipated my shining.

  19. LOVE IT! 🙂

  20. I wonder if that’s the way God feels about us sometimes… writing all over his shiny world the way we do.

    I came via BlogInMyEye. Thanks for sharing.