A productive day

Earlier this afternoon

Three hours later

And boy, was I glad for the items on the left-hand side of the second picture!

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  1. love the looks of that tomato salad! yum! very impressive as always. 🙂

  2. My goodness, how many tomato plants do you have? That is a picture of abundance!

  3. We have 100 plants– isn’t that crazy?


  4. What an accomplishment. I was so happy to see the take out boxes. Several times this year after a long afternoon of canning, I have succumbed to take-out. I’m really glad that I’m not the only one!

  5. Oh so beautiful! and such good eating, now and for later!

    Last time I had a yard sale, I was so tired at the end of the day that we ordered pizza for supper.

    There went 16% of the day’s profits! (my math major son figured out the expenses)

  6. FUN! It looks like you had a beautifully productive day.

  7. Great job! 3 hours is impressive!

    Are those tomatoes with lemon juice? I’ve been wanting to can some salsa but I’ve got too many tomatoes, too little time and not enough hands to help! I need to get them canned before they go bad. I’ve already frozen a bunch and my freezer cannot hold much more.

  8. WOW! You definitely deserved the pizza girl! The tomatoes look gorgeous!

  9. The tomatoes are sprinkled with lime juice and a dab of salt water, per my Ethiopian daughter’s recipe!


  10. Looks like a lot of work – but yummmmmmmmy for later! ( i didn’t can this year, so living vicariously through you!)

  11. I am delurking to tell you that I gave you an award on my blog. 🙂 http://www.twentysixcats.com/2007/09/08/frugality-blogs-my-top-five-faves/ (Scroll down – it’s at the end of the post!) Thanks for making your blog such an interesting read!

  12. All those beautiful jars – a thing of beauty! I’m inspired…

  13. Wow, I am so envious. My tomato plants didn’t do to well this year. Your’s are making my mouth water. Yummy!

  14. WOW!

  15. Mary, what type of tomatoes do you grow? I have a terrible time growing them (as written about in just my last post) and was wondering what kind you find best. I’m lucky to get any that are bigger than ping pong balls. Any tips?

  16. LOL! Love the pizza in the background!

  17. That’s what our day looked like too! Love canning tomatos and making slasa.

  18. how impressive! and in only 3 hours!!!

  19. That’s the first thing I noticed – the items on the left side! Busy busy busy – but what an awesome treat it will be to pull out a jar in the middle of the winter and have some tasty fresh tomatoes!!!

  20. Wow, I need to get your secrets for growing veggies and fruit. My husband wants to start a small garden so our boys can see how it works. We just have no idea how to get started!