End of the day We spent this weekend at grandma’s cabin in the mountains, playing in the river and gathering a load of firewood to bring back home for winter burning. Playing outdoors was fun, as our heaps of wet shoes and swimsuits and fishing poles will attest to. Playing Speed But I really think the evenings were best– gathered around in the living room at the cabin playing round after round after obsessive round of Speed. To quote our new 11 year old: “Just one more? Fast, fast…” Book and chocolate (Then again, chocolate and a good book are a good combination too.)

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  1. I want to go there!!! That place looks totally and completely cozy…what fun!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time!! So glad everyone had a blast- well, except maybe, the fish.

  3. That’s neat to see a picture of everyone together doing his/her “thang.” Loved all the shoes on the porch. And I think I’ve got a lot of shoes to keep up with with my tiny family. OH BROTHER. 😉 Hugs – M

  4. That looks like a lot of fun…count me in for the next round!

  5. OK, what is this “Speed” and how do ya play? Sounds great!
    I just loved the photo of the family spread out around the room just “being” together!

  6. Love it!

  7. wow! looks fun!

  8. Ooooh Speed. I had forgotten about that card game of my childhood. Sad… I don’t even remember how to play… but I do remember it *was* addicting!

  9. That looks like fun! I haven’t been to a cabin since 6th grade camp.. that was a verrryyyy loooonnngg time ago!

  10. I love that second picture of your family gathered in the living room. Everyone looks so content together yet enjoying themselves in their own way. Very peaceful.

  11. cute dog!

  12. What a wonderful family you have! I come here and continue to sit amazed at the way you all live. It’s so great to see families sharing fun times together and really truly feel the love they share. So many families are missing out on these things in this day in age… it makes me sad for them!