Opinion Saturday: preschool shows

This week for Opinion Saturday I’d love to hear what DVD’s and children’s shows you feel are worthwhile for preschoolers. I don’t let my kids watch tons of TV, and I like what they watch to be worthwhile. I’ve had a chance to review a few new kids shows lately and will soon be writing my impressions of several different shows– hopefully later today, so stay tuned. But first, let’s hear from you! You have until Tuesday evening to tell me which shows you and your children like best. The person who shares the most helpful information will get the Golden Keyboard Award. So hit me with your best thought!

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  1. I don’t let my kids watch anything that has the potential of driving me insane so that quickly eliminates Barney, Teletubies and Sesame Street. We have checked out many DVDs from our library: National Geographic, Magic School bus, and Nature series to name a few. My 2 and 4 year old (I’m reluctant to admit) are fans of Sponge Bob, and other such trifle fare, but thanks to neat settings on the DVD’s, they always watch it in either French or Spanish. So far they haven’t complained. I don’t feel quite as guilty sitting the little ones in front of a video, while I try to get some homeschooling done with the older ones, if they are getting a language lesson in the process. That foreign language option transforms other-wise brain-dead shows into a language immersion program! 🙂
    For sheer cuteness and creativity, you can’t beat Pingu! I find it as entertaining as my 2 yr. old.

  2. For pre-schoolers learning letter sounds, I’ll second (or third, or whatever) Leap Frog’s “Talking Letter Factory”. Fun and effective! I could also “ditto” several of the other shows I caught when scanning down the comments, such as Backyardigans (it really does have a remarkably wide age appeal, and those characters sure have some dance moves goin’ on!), Blues Clues, Little Bear, Franklin and Signing Time (which we’ve just gotten recently).

    I haven’t seen PBS’s “Caillou” mentioned. My kids adore it. Simple, sweet. (The only Caillou I haven’t liked was a video about family that attempted to incorporate an adoption theme and did so badly, in my opinion.) Most appealing to the 2 – 6 crowd, but my older boys don’t mind it somehow.

    A few others I didn’t see that I really like for ages 4 – 12 or so:

    –We have 2 Kingdom Under the Sea DVD’s that are great, with truly excellent, colorful animation, and really well-done spiritual message. “The Red Tide” is the one I like most. It’s adapted from the Noahic flood story, with strong themes of redemption, compassion and faith.

    — My kids like “The Safe Side: Hot tips to keep cool kids safe with people they don’t know and kinda know,” one of a couple of videos produced by John Walsh and the lady who created Baby Einstein, which aims to present this potentially scary topic effectively in a silly, fun, non-scary way. It’s the kind of silliness that’s too over the top for an adult to take to many times in a row, but appeals to kids.

    — How about good old School House Rock?

    {I don’t know what category to put Dora in… My 2 y.o. is so completely obsessed with Dora that I almost can’t take it anymore! She has, on countless occasions, actually told people that her name is Dora or even Dora Princess! She doesn’t even have to watch the show to feed the obsession, of course: In a store, you cannot even go into the hardware department to find Dora Relief. There she is! Good show, but Dora’s voice is annoying and this Mama’s had enough!}

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  8. We also like The Letter Factory, Veggie Tales, and Between the Lions. I’ll add to that Wishbone and Barney. I know, I know. The GOOD thing about Barney is it has a definite beginning, middle, and end~it’s not a jump around to sooo many different subjects so fast kinda show. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  9. I forgot to also share that with my children, their natural bent kept them going in different directions with videos. My first son LOVED a Moody Science video with butterflies we found at the thrift store. My second son enjoyed picking out the fix-it-yourself videos from the library! You know~how to lay a roof, how to lay a floor, plumbing, etc. He also liked a series of construction vids made for kids, but I can’t remember the name…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  10. Wonderpets is all princess is allowed to watch