Random Summer-related tidbits….

A week or so I brought my 5 year old in to the doctor’s office because her ear was really bothering her. Turns out, fish that she is, she had swimmer’s ear. The doctor gave me some antibiotic/steroid drops to put in her ear which cleared it right up. But he also mentioned a good idea for kids who are prone to swimmer’s ear. He said that a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half vinegar, dripped a couple drops at a time in each ear after swimming will dry the ear out and keep the pH of the ears down so that they are not so susceptible to bacteria. Interesting, eh?

This morning the kids and I went outside to the garden and battle mosquitos and weeds. The tomatoes are as tall as me and the corn must be at least 8 or 9 feet tall. So far the only tomatoes ripe are cherry tomatoes. The corn has tassels and silk, so I’m guessing that by mid-August when the girls are home, we’ll have ears of corn. The apples on the one tree that didn’t get frosted are looking good too.

We’ve eaten lots of cabbage, zucchini and peppers, and the cucumbers are just insane this year! Hugely long and wonderful. My favorite way to eat cucumbers is with a dressing of vinegar, oil, garlic, and a little bit of red pepper, Korean style.

Finally, do ya’ll know about the free movies that show at some theaters every Wednesday morning during the summertime? Tomorrow morning the kids and I are going to meet my sister and her kids at the movies to see Charlotte’s Web. Should be fun!!

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  1. Just an added note about the swimmers ear thing…if your child has tubes in his/her ears don’t put any kind of drop in without talking to your doctor first. The alcohol would be really painful. I was this close to trying a home remedy for my son but thank goodness I called the ENT first.

  2. Thanks for the tip on swimmers ear. That is great to know.

    Have fun at the movies!

  3. We have those free movies here too! Oh, and have you ever tried a little SESAME oil in with the other ingreds you put on the cukes? ANOTHER LEVEL O’ YUM, baby!

  4. We were all on a swim team while growing up and we put drops in our ears every single time after swimming. I want to say we just put straight rubbing alcohol, but I don’t remember exactly.

  5. All those veggies fresh from the garden sounds wonderful!!!

  6. wow – that is the same one playing at our theater this week! 🙂 must be a nationwide thing!

  7. i think you’ll enjoy the film. and your garden sounds yummy!

  8. My mom used to make us put those drops in. That, and gargle with salt water when our throat hurt. Strange how I link those two memories! Probably because I didn’t like either, but the ear drops really didn’t hurt…they were just annoying. 🙂