Fantastic Four

My four youngest came running out of the playroom the other day swathed all in blankets.
“Mommy!! We’re undercover!”

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  1. Mary, that is the cutest picture!!!!!!!

  2. That is beautiful.

  3. Oh I love it! So cute.

  4. Good times in the Owlhaven 🙂

  5. Awesome!

  6. adorable and christmas card material.

  7. Such beautiful children, each and every one! You are blessed!

  8. Hahahahahaha! That just made my morning! =)

  9. LOL…They are just too cute.

  10. Too fun, Mary!!

  11. The eyes peeking out of that white towel are just gorgeous – and look at all those smiles!!

    They make really good looking superheroes!

  12. Oh! Frame it. Or at least scrapbook with that caption.