The things mom doesn’t know

While camping this weekend, John was outside the trailer cooking pancakes one morning. A fly flew over the skillet, apparently became overwhelmed by the heat, and died, falling right into a pancake. Our five year old saw it happen and came inside the trailer to tell me all about it.

She finished dramatically telling the tale (including the part where Dad fed the pancake to the dog)and sighed heavily, “Mommy, it was so gross I almost puked!”

“Oh, I doubt it.” I said cheerily. “You have a stronger stomach than that!”

“Stomach? Stomach?” she said, forehead knit in puzzlement. “Mommy! Puke comes out of the HEAD!”

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  1. gotta love that.

  2. Duh, Mom.
    I love kids.

  3. that’s so funny! i love a kids’ perspective.

  4. Oh my!! Too funny!

  5. I needed that laugh out loud moment! Hilarious.