Since I am so tearingly busy right now, for some reason I decided to do something that absolutely didn’t have to be done– update my blogroll. Some days my brain makes no sense, even to me. Anyway, when I looked at my list, I was amazed at how long it had been since I’ve updated. I’ve added some of my favorite reads these days. I hope you enjoy them too. (And if for some reason you look at your blogroll and discover Owlhaven isn’t there, of course I’d be delighted if you added me too!)

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  1. Yeah I keep having to remember to update my list too!

  2. I have a different kind of blog site with very limited space in the main page, so I have a link to your blogroll instead of listing the individual blogs I read. Thanks for updating it. I’ll have to check the new ones out.

  3. I’m no longer at Just Peachy. You can find me at at my new (since Mar) site. Just follow my info. in the comments. You are on my list and will stay there : ) Love reading about your sweet family.

  4. You are definitely on my list of favorite reads! I can’t wait until your new girls arrive. It’s so fun to follow along on the process! Have a great week.

  5. “Some days my brain makes no sense, even to me.”

    LOL! My husband thinks this of me often – especially when I said “We are going to rip out the carpet and put in laminate flooring, oh ya, we might as well paint the walls and paint the trim and totally redecorate not to mention you have to finish the basement within the next 2 weeks – just in time for our home study and the gazillion pages of paperwork we need to get done!” Thankfully we have a solid marriage that relies on the Lord! 🙂

    Thanks for the updated blogroll

  6. You are on my blogroll. 🙂
    And drop by for a cup of tea over at mine any chance you have (although I’m sure your daily blogroll checks are full) – and I might just make you some iced tea with this hot weather!