Furniture that keeps going….

John and I got pregnant with our first child less than a year after we got married, while both of us were still in college. That didn’t exactly leave lots of money for expensive baby furnishings. So when we found a sweet little white dresser for $40 at a used furniture store, we snatched it up. That, along with my husband’s childhood crib and a rocking chair from my grandmother, comprised our nursery set.

The crib has gone by the wayside– it doesn’t meet the safety standards these days anyway. The rocking chair now sits in the corner of my little girls’ room– I’ve painted it a couple different colors over the years.

And that little dresser? Well, over the years it has graced every baby room we’ve owned. It lived for a while as a white dresser. Then I got bored and covered the drawers with blue floral contact paper. After that got old, I painted the drawers peach. It went back to white for awhile in the nursery of my big boys. For my little boys I painted the body red and the drawers white.

We were given a couple dressers for our new daughters. But those ended up looking a little too boyish to me. I moved them into one of the boys’ rooms, and once again appropriated the little old white dresser into my ‘nesting’ for these new girls. it seems I can’t nest properly without painting that old dresser one more time.

Our new daughter’s room is a warm, lively pink. It seemed only appropriate that the dresser go pink in this reincarnation. I repainted the drawers white, and blopped little speckles of hot pink, orange, and green (the bedroom’s accent colors) all over the drawer faces. The whole fix was only a couple afternoon’s work, and I was so pleased with how it looks.

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  1. Mary,
    I love the dresser! I have a dresser in my boy’s room that is screaming for a re-do. You may have inspired me.

  2. Don’t you just LOVE furniture that has history! We have a couple pieces like that just keep going and going! I love them for the memories they hold!

  3. That is SO adorable!! Anytime you want to come out to my house and paint a piece of my furniture, you ARE invited! 🙂

  4. cute dresser!!

  5. That is ADORABLE!!

  6. Gorgeous! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do.

  7. I have a barn full of old furniture waiting to be redone when our cabin is finished. Now you have inspired me!

  8. It looks great!! That’s cool that all your kids have used the dresser

  9. I’m just jealous that you STARTED with old stuff! If I knew then what I knew now, I never would have bought ANY new furniture for my house! I love my darlings but they are ruthless with the furniture.

  10. Beautiful 🙂

  11. That is so cute! And I may take your idea while redoing my youngest boy’s room. He has a white dresser that is in need of refurbishing. I think it will look darling painted white with yellow,blue and green sprinkles! Thanks for the idea!

  12. I’m so impressed. It almost seems worth getting pregnant just so I can experience nesting again. I so miss that feeling. I love, love your creativity!

  13. I LOVE it! If anything stands still long enough around our house, I’m gonna cover it in paint.

  14. Adorable! Want to come paint at my house? 🙂

  15. The dresser looks adorable! There isn’t much a coat of paint can’t fix.

  16. Wow, that is so pretty. I can’t believe it has been around that long. You did a great job!

  17. What history!

    I hope you write the names and dates of all its babies on the back (or inside a drawer).

    I have a feeling your children may fight over that piece one day.

  18. In the first picture, before the close-up, it looks like flowers on the drawers 🙂

  19. I cannot take my eyes off it, it is so lovely! I am so impressed!

  20. love this. i have my great grandmother’s dresser in my bedroom…my grandmother gave it to me for my first apartment…and it is still used by me today. it is black and has stencils on the drawers. my grandmother told me i could never paint it. hum…

  21. I love it! You did a great job and your girls will be so pleased.

    I have a dresser that has graced the room of each baby I have had as well. My MIL bought it for me when I was pregnant with my oldest. It is pine, and my husband sanded and put on a few coats of varnish.

    I used the top as a changing table when they were babies.

    It is in Mia’s room now. I will never be able to part with it.