Granny’s letter

Last week I found a letter my grandmother wrote to me just a couple years before she died. She was in her late 80’s at the time. As you will see, one of her gifts was encouragement, and she very often did it in writing. This letter encourages me to be more faithful in writing to loved ones….


June 14, 2001

Dear Mary,

Thank you for taking time to write a newsy letter. I think it is good you take each child individually for shopping – at thrift stores or garage sales. I used to get the nicest blouses, etc, at the Senior Citizen’s thrift store.

And how good it is that you teach memorizing Bible verses. When I was young we thoroughly learned our catechism “backwards and forwards, ha” but I didn’t memorize the 2rd Psalm then. I always wished they’d had me learn it while young. Now I have to review it quite often.

I have some memories of the day of your birth, Mary. It was a custom of us ladies from Trinity Church to go to the State School and do some sewing and mending and making bibs for the residents there. I must have been notifed the morning I went there (June 21) so I had your mom on my heart, mind and prayers all day with “sympathy” pains for her – – -.

After we heard of your birth, I made plans to take the bus to Missouri. It was 2-1/4 days and nights to get there –to see that beautiful Mary Mikel. My, but your dad was proud, and your mom. I caught a cold – and then you got it too, and I was so sorry. – – – those were the days – – – good old days, to see you all growing up.

Last Sunday was an outstanding day – with your mom’s grand kids singing and bringing a new grand baby to baptism. It was thrilling and special, wasn’t it? We love you all, God’s blessings as you lovingly train your children in HIS way.


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  1. Happy Birthday! Do I remember right?? 40?? Have a great day and decade…40’s are the best!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope that you have an awesome day. Being 40 is fun!
    love and prayers,

  3. Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s a beautiful special day!

  4. Very sweet. And happy birthday! (I hope the cooking’s going okay at camp…)

  5. Happy Birthday. Forthy really is fun!

    What a sweet lady your granny was. Grandparents truly are a special blessing.

  6. Wow…what a sweet little letter. I love it when I come across treasures like this. She sounds like she was a wonderful woman who loved you very much.

  7. what a beautiful treasure- happy birthday

  8. That is priceless. It makes me miss my grandmother. Thank you for sharing it, and Happy Birthday!


  9. Mary,
    I just recently found some of granny’s precious letters written to me as well. what an amazing legacy we have! thanks for sharing it 🙂 I hope your 40th is amazing! Love ya!

  10. Such a lovely letter,, Mary. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday! Have a great day. 40 is very young.

  11. Happy birthday! What a precious letter. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I too have letters from my grandmother – they are treasures! Thanks for sharing your sweet treasure! And I guess a Happy Birthday is in order! Blessings!

  13. Happy Birthday, Mary!

    My kids called my mom “Granny”. You just gotta love a Granny, don’t you. Your Granny seemed like such a special woman.

  14. a first day of summer baby! happy birthday mary!

  15. What a gift – thank you so much for sharing!


    (sorry a bit late – I’ve been distracted this week by news of our referral! 🙂 )


  16. Happy Birthday! What a precious treasure that letter is – I’m sure it brings back a flood of memories.

  17. Happy B Day!! what an amazing letter….thanks for sharing. i treasure letters from my grandparents too. so sweet. all the best…

  18. Happy Belated Birthday Mary! What a beautiful letter and wonderful heritage your grandmother left for you all. I see you have the same gift for writing and aren’t afraid to use it. I so enjoy hearing about the influence parents, grandparents and all have on ones life. Such a blessing!

    Hope your birthday was all you could ever want. Of course you will be celebrating for weeks to come with your new daughters.

  19. What a sweet way to remember your Grandma on your birthday! She sounds like a wonderful woman and a great encouragement to all. Hope your day was beautiful Mary!!