How did the dinosaurs die?

Genesis 6:17

Genesis 7

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  1. So many exciting things happening right now in science! The Creation Museum is open and Answers in Genesis has lots of fabulous God-centered science texts for homeschooling!

    Books, Curricula, etc.:


  2. wait though, if Noah was instructed to take two of every animal how did the dinosaurs not make it?

    In my opinion I think God threw down a bunch of bones and is having himself a good laugh watching what we silly humans came up with.

    Perhaps another answer could be that instead of the seven days of creation being a literal meaning of seven earthly days it is a figurative “day” which on God’s calendar a “day” could equal 1000 years. Which means there was a 1000 years from the time animals roamed the earth and Adam was made, meaning that they could have died off even before Adam graced the earth naming all the remaining animals.

    Just a though…Carry on…

  3. Here’s what I think. I think two dinosaurs WERE on the ark– maybe a smallish variety. But after the flood, the climate had changed enough that they did not thrive, and after a few years they became extinct.

    Of course I wasn’t there. So I don’t know for sure the exact timeline. But God knows. And I’m content to wait til heaven to know for sure.


  4. ok – how cool is that? The SAME day you posted this, in our van on the way home from church one of our boys was asking questions about how the dinosaurs died. He was wondering if humans were alive at the same time as dinosaurs why people weren’t wiped out when “the meteorite hit”. That lead to a discussion about what the world would have been like pre/post flood.

    Thanks so much for sharing the little (but important!) bits of your lives that you do on this blog Mary. You touch more lives than you know 😉

  5. Even cooler – while I was typing my reply, you were working on yours – and you almost quoted verbatim what I told my son … 🙂