Not all my Mother’s Day gifts were eaten by my preschoolers

I got the most adorable apron from Eldest on Mother’s Day. Truly cute! After ruining countless solid-color shirts with grease splatters while cooking, I truly am delighted with this thoughtful gift. Go check out the apron— and the grin on my 4 year olds face because she and mom are ‘matching’. And say Hi while you’re over there. I get lonely when no one talks to me….

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  1. Dear Mary,
    What a cute apron. Did she make it herself? I am wanting to do something like that for the women in my family for Christmas this year. We all love to cook/bake. THanks for sharing with us. Alecia

  2. What a nice gift. It’s a very cute apron.

    Also for grease splatters on shirts squirt a bit of dishwashing soap (palmolive, dawn or the like) and wash as normal. They should come right out.