282 in 12 hours

Spam, that is. (Nuts, people.) I deleted it all without looking. If a comment of yours got lost in the dump, I’m sorry. Try again if you’re so inclined….I really do like hearing from real people. Thanks.

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  1. Do you use Akismet, Mary? That’s what I use and it is astonishing how much spam I delete every morning—literally hundreds. I too don’t have time to search through the masses looking for one or two real comments. There must be a better way…sigh.

  2. This is interesting…I just left a reply and it didn’t post. I mentioned the name of the software I believe you must be using (seems to be a WordPress plug-in and it starts with an “A”). I use the same software and have similar feelings. I am glad it works so well, but sometimes it works a little too well.