Glad we got that straightened out.

This morning I was chopping potatoes for hash browns. The two year old was ‘helping’ me peel them, and because she makes up a song for everything in life, she was singing, “Taytoes, taytoes….” over and over.

The almost-5-year-old listened for a minute and then said, “Actually, it has a ‘buh’ in it: buh-tatoes! That’s how you really say it!”

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  1. Too cute!!!

    We’re having smashed buhtatoes for dinner tonight!

  2. LOL!!! So cute!

  3. Good thing she’s got an older sibling to help keep her straightened out.

  4. They could slide right into my house and be able to communicate seamlessly!

  5. LOL, don’t you love it when the older, wiser siblings mentor the younger ones? 🙂 We hear a lot of that at our house.

  6. SOOOO funny!!!!! : )

  7. That’s too cute!

  8. Adorable!!

  9. *LOL* All this time I’ve been saying it wrong. Who knew.