Yup, they’re my girls, all right!

Over my years of mothering, I’ve been the happy recipient of all sorts of Mother’s Day crafts. Marigolds in pots, handprints on paper plates, hand prints on aprons, and scores of other things created with love. This year I’ve been helping in the preschool class during Sunday School, and so was privy to the creation of this year’s masterpiece.

Incidentally, if you need a little drama in your life, may I suggest a project involving 10 preschoolers and several hundred glue dots?

The other moms and I were kept busy peeling errant glue dots off fingers, shirts, table legs, carpet, and in the case of a particularly misguided 2 year old (mine)- faces. The little classroom was stuffy and full. Halfway through the project I was sweating. I was consoled however by the fact that this was a particularly nice Mother’s Day gift. This one, you see, involved sticking Hershey’s Kisses onto a piece of paper meant for mom. Some were even dark chocolate Kisses.

In the midst of sweating and un-sticking and coaxing the 2 year old to use dark chocolate kisses instead of those yucky almond kind, I imagined eating the goodies that afternoon– once they had been lovingly bestowed upon me by my offspring. As we were leaving church later, sure enough, I had my cards firmly in hand. A friend looked at the Kiss-laden cards and said, “Oh, you’re lucky– you get two of those!”

I smiled complacently, again imagining the pleasure of dark chocolate in the afternoon, and mentaly blessed the creative Sunday School teacher who had such a nice idea.

We got home and I set my prize on the counter to go slip into something more comfortable, the better to later enjoy my chocolate. I returned from the bedroom scant minutes later to the sight of this.

Every single chocolate had cruelly been ripped from it’s glue-dot, leaving only its little silver butt-cover to mark where once the chocolatey goodness had once resided.

The culprits? Why, the 2 and 4 year old makers of these fine Mother’s Day treats, of course. They made ’em, after all.

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  1. Oh, the little STINKERS!! [:-)


  2. This is soooo funny! 🙂
    Lucas LOVED his envelope today!

  3. OH NO! Did you cry – I would have – dark chocolate!

    Really funny though! Oh, the charms of Mother’s Day crafts!

  4. Very funny! Glad you took a picture of it!

  5. Seeing those empty foil wrappers makes me laugh out loud.

  6. Now that’s funny! I just busted out laughing- that is too much!

  7. Oh no. What a letdown. But it does make for a really funny story. 🙂

  8. They were trying to save you the calories evidently 🙂

  9. that is hilarious.

  10. Liz in Australia says:

    Oh dear…I feel like I shouldn’t be laughing. What a sad end to your anticipated treat! The only thing that would save me in this house is that my girls don’t like dark chocolate…

  11. That’s so sweet! I have few conclusions to make based on your story. First, you must have been a very inspiring teacher for all those kids. Secondly, your students are gifted. They’re endowed with the gifts of being creative and resourceful. And finally, I want to affirm that not all best and beautiful things that can make someone smile are worth some amount.

    I wish you good luck in your chosen endeavor of motherhood and teaching. Happy Mother’s Day to you and to the moms of your sweet students.

  12. Haha, that sounds like something that would have happened here for sure!! I love those kinds of gifts from my kids. Glad you had a happy mothers day!

  13. Too funny!

  14. : ) too funny!

  15. Man, that stinks but I guess they thought they deserved it after all the work they had put into it, huh?

  16. Oh, what a cute craft! I’ve never seen that one before! I’ll have to remember it for next year! So sorry the kiddos ate the goodies though!!!

    On another note, we were approved by our agency today! God is good!

  17. I snorted. LOL

    They were helping you diet…right?

  18. I’ve inadvertently ‘shared’ more than one chocolate gift with my children. A few with my hubby, too. Stinkers.