Why I am (usually) not a high-maintainance girl

Today was a very unusual day at the Owlhaven. I had a real honest-to-goodness hair appointment. If I am remembering correctly, the last time I had my hair cut by a professional was when I was a teenager. And not only did I get a haircut today, I also got highlights.

Mostly I’ve avoided subsidizing the beauty salons of America thru sheer tight-waddery. I don’t wanna spend money on something I have to redo again in 3 months. But after today’s experience, I have a whole new reason for avoiding hair salons in the future.

This cut and color of mine took FOUR (4!) hours of my life. During which time I read ROCK STAR magazine (did you know that someone married the very scary Marilyn Mansen?) and Architectural Digest. (Did you know that if you so desire, you can spend $49,000 on a MATTRESS?? S’truth.) Multiple times during the morning, I wondered why on earth I’d felt ‘proper’ highlights were important enough to spend half my day doing.

How’d the hair turn out? Well, feeling alternately bold and terrified, I requested a razor-cut and bleached blonde highlights. Then the whole 4 hours it was being done, I fretted that it was going to be: too bold. Too light. Too dark. Too short. Too choppy. You name it, I worried about it. And believe me, I had plenty of time TO worry.

Thankfully the beautician ‘read’ me right, and did not go too extreme. She cut 4 inches off my hair, toned the yellow out of it, gave me some nice little bleached-blonde streaks. Revolutionary I am not, but my hair feels light and summery and sassy and fun. Yet still me. Not sure it’d be worth four hours in the chair every 3 months, but I am enjoying it very much right now!

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  1. Beautiful!! [:-)