For Mother’s Day

Looking for a really awesome Mother’s Day gift? You can’t get much better than this awesome4 GB iPod Nano. It comes in an adorable gift box and also includes chocolate! You can pick one up for the mom in your life (maybe yourself??) at Best Buy.

I was altogether too delighted with this lovely thing to even think of giving it away, but I am sharing with my 17 year old daughter. The setup took a little while, mostly because I had to download iTunes onto my computer using my torturously slow dial-up. (Four hours to download 36 megs, people).

Then it took a couple hours to run through all our CD’s and decide what we wanted on the thing. Thankfully we have somewhat similar music tastes, and for the moments when we don’t, well, there’s always the forward button. Once we decided what we wanted to load, loading was a breeze (at least that’s what my tech-savvy 15 year old assured me. I was making dinner at the time).

This little toy is so tiny and sleek, you just have to stroke it. The controls are super easy to learn. I love that you can search by song or by artist. You can even rate the songs according to how much you like them. The attachments that came with the device only allow you to charge it by hooking it to your computer. But the battery seems to last quite a long time. My daughter and I took turns listening for hours today and the battery is not dead yet.

I am wayyy too much of a tightwad to ever have bought this little sweetie for myself, but I am having soooo much fun with it. What a sweet surprise. I am looking forward to taking this to Ethiopia and am thinking our new daughters will love to play with it too.

(Now, for the newest daily feature on Mary’s blog)

Playing on the iPod: Lemonade by Chris Rice. If this song doesn’t make you smile, there’s no hope for ya!

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  1. Did you know the 5 Minutes for Moms site was giving away one of these? It sounds so neat.

  2. I totally heart my Ipod!!! FYI…you can get a charger that plugs into the wall at Wal-mart (or for as little as $15. There are also car chargers and travel kits that come with both cords and more. Enjoy!! 8^)

  3. I love my iPod. I have the full video version and I LOVE IT! It will be even better when I have my MacBook….which comes in 2 days.

    I also wanted to tell you that we (over here in our house) are so excited about your pending adoptions. I told Hannah about it and she was so excited that Mary would have girls her age to play with. Not that she minds playing with the two little girls, she just wanted someone her age to kick it with. She’s very excited and told me she’s looking forward to meeting them soon!

    My joy is overwhelming for your family!!!

  4. I’ll have to add that to my (Thank you for the info on it, Mary) Insignia 4G. I have his Cartoons song, so now it will have company!

  5. My husband was sweet enough to get me an iPod twice (the first one was stolen in NYC so he got me a replacement a few years later). I love listening to it in the car– I’ve even downloaded scriptures so I can listen to them on the way to work and music on the way home. So fun.

    I’m also excited for your upcoming adoptions! Good luck with it all.

  6. I bought my mom an iPod and she never got a chance to use it because our home was burgularized. When I can afford to,i will gladly buy her one again because she really wanted it badly.